pictures kindly provided by Harley Jones (Fiji), Jérôme Bauer (France), Li Cong (China), Graham Laurie (Scotland) Kevin Friedrich (USA)
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Coupe Mondiale Souvenir Program Free Download. 60 page color publication is available in two formats:
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62nd Coupe Mondiale
1st. Grayson Masefield - New Zealand
2nd. Yicheng Gao - China
3rd. Mingyuan Ruan - China
4th. Angelo Miele - Italy
5th. Vladimir Anikin - Russia
6th. Meng Qian - China
7th. Shi Xi - China
Junior Coupe Mondiale
1st. Qi Ma - China
2nd. Samuele Telari - Italy
3rd. Lev Larov - Russia
4th. Pang Lu - China
5th. Wang Xi- China
6th. Wang Sa - China
7th. Bor-Kuan Song - New Zealand
8th. Edward Giffney - New Zealand
International Competition for Piano Accordion
1st. He Qian - China
2nd. Xu Peng - China
3rd. Romas Morkunas - Luthuania
4th. Jessica Chen - New Zealand
5th. Stephanie Panzic - New Zealand
6th. George Xu - New Zealand
7th. Peng Yunjie - China
8th. Campbell Thwaites - New Zealand
International Competition for Virtuoso Entertainment Music
1st. Grayson Masefield - New Zealand
2nd. Haiyu Lui - China
3rd. Wan Yizhong - China
4th. Bruno Moritz - Brazil
5th. Cao Peiya - China
6th. Frederic Da Silva - France
7th. Zhuo Shengji - China
8th. Chen Shuwen - China
9th. Ma Shuang - China
Junior International Competition for Virtuoso Entertainment Music
1st. Jianan Tian - China
2nd. Alexandre Prusse - France
3rd. Edward Giffney - New Zealand
4th. Emilien Roy - France
5th. Alexander Bodell - United Kingdom
6th. Wang Sa - China
International Competition for Ensemble Music
1st. Blue Dream Accordion Chamber Group - China
Liu Haiyu (Accordion
Luo Jiaqi (Erhu)
Liu Liu (Accordion)
He Qian (Accordion)
Wang Xi (Accordion)
2nd. Mm Combine - China
Meng Qian (Accordion)
Ma Shuang (Accordion)
3rd. Notable Soundz - New Zealand
Michelle Chandler (Accordion)
Martin Meyer (Accordion)
Daniel Robinson (Accordion)
Bradley Williams (Accordion)
Tamba Young (Accordion)
International Competition for Digital Accordion
1st. Cory Pesaturo - USA
2nd. Larysa Bodell - United Kingdom
4th. Sarah Assis- Brazil
Award for Best New Original Composition (Classical)
Koriana by Gary Daverne