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CIA World Accordion Orchestra III - conducted by Gary Daverne & Joan C. Sommers
Following the very successful inaugural World Accordion Orchestra debut performance at the Coupe Mondiale 2007 under the Musical Direction of Joan Sommers, and the CIA World Accordion Orchestra II in Scotland in 2008, the CIA was honored to announce that the 'CIA World Accordion Orchestra III' was to be held during the 2009 Coupe Mondiale with a performance at the Finale Concert in the famed Bruce Mason Center.

The members of the 'CIA World Accordion Orchestra III' once again included musicians from many different countries – some of whom are members of organized accordion orchestras invited to perform during the schedule of the Coupe Mondiale. Other members were invited professional individuals from throughout the world. Many of the players hold offices in the Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes or serve in a great variety of positions in the accordion organizations of their own countries as well as delegates to the CIA World Congress held during the Coupe Mondiale. Kevin Friedrich, President of the CIA servced as Concertmaster.

The CIA World Accordion Orchestra III featured two renowned international conductors: Joan C. Sommers (USA) and Gary Daverne (New Zealand):

Pocket Overture Gary Daverne
Auckland March Gary Daverne (World Premiere Performance)
Note: Auckland March was commissioned by the NZAA to commemorate the 2009 Coupe Mondiale World Championships & Festival.

Gary Daverne (ONZM) is New Zealand’s most prolific composer and arranger of music for the accordion. He was born in Takapuna and is an International Rotary Paul Harris Fellow. On the international scene, Gary has conducted many major symphony orchestras including London’s Royal Philharmonic, the Taiwan Symphony, Shanghai Symphony, Moravian Philharmonic-CzechRepublic; conducted symphony concerts in Jakarta, Indonesia and the National Symphony Orchestra of Malaysia.

In 2002 he was the first New Zealander to be invited to conduct in South Korea, where he was guest conductor of the Incheon City Symphony Orchestra. In April 2005, at the invitation of the Turkish Government, he conducted the acclaimed Istanbul State Symphony Orchestra, in Istanbul, for two performances as part of the 90-year Gallipoli commemorations. Gary is a frequent guest conductor with accordion orchestras in the USA and Europe and last year he conducted concerts in The Czech Republic and Slovenia.

Program notes:


This was a commissioned work for accordion orchestra premiered at the Royal Festival Hall, London, February 1993, by Jenny’s Accordionaires, with the composer conducting. Its New Zealand premiere was in July 1993 by Auckland’s youth orchestra, ‘Orchestra Nova’, with a rearrangment for Symphony Orchestra. This miniature overture is similar to a pocket containing many treasures, little “goodies” collected over a period of time. It consists of several snippets of the melodies and rhythms from the composer’s other compositions. A Pocket Overture was awarded first prize in the Accordionists & Teachers Guild, International (ATG) 31st annual Competition for original compositions in July 1993.

Auckland March was composed by Gary on commission by the New Zealand Accordion Association, to commemorate the 2009 Coupe Mondiale World Accordion Championships & Festival. It was written especially for the CIA World Accordion Orchestra III, for world premiere at the 2009 Coupe Mondiale Finale Gala Concert.
Gary notes that it was about time there was a composition entitled Auckland March, to celebrate our beautiful City of Sails. This is an opportune time for Auckland March to be commissioned, in light of the recent centennial celebrations for Alec Lithgow’s Invercargill March, named after New Zealand’s southern most city. The two main themes are taken from the words Auckland and Coupe Mondiale, using Gary’s coded formula of transferring alphabet notes to music notes. The result is a March which contains many flowing melodies – a Daverne signature – what an appropriate way to celebrate the Coupe Mondiale in Auckland, New Zealand. The NZAA acknowledges the generous support of the ASB Community Trust for the commission of Auckland March.

Above: Gary Daverne conducting the World Accordion Orchestra III
Suite from “Video Games Live” Arranged for accordion orchestra by Joan C. Sommers
Radetzky March, Op. 228 Johann Strauss, Sr. arranged by Willi Münch

Joan C. Sommers was awarded the title of Professor Emerita upon her retirement from the University of Missouri – Kansas City Conservatory of Music (USA), where she established and taught the accordion degree programme for forty years. She has arranged innumerable works for the accordion orchestra over many years, often for the UMKC Accordion Orchestra which, under her direction, competed in and won more First Prizes in Virtuoso Accordion Orchestra Competitions than any other similar American group. In both 1955 and 1956 she earned the right to represent the USA in the Coupe Mondiale and, although she didn’t win, it was those experiences which opened her eyes to the tremendous opportunities available to accordionists; perhaps it also fixed her life-long interest in worldwide accordion activities. She has held positions in several music organisations, including the Accordionists & Teachers Guild International (ATG) and the Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes (CIA – IMC-UNESCO). Professor Sommers continues to adjudicate, coach soloists, prepare accordion orchestra arrangements, and conduct accordion orchestras regularly.

Program Notes:
Featuring:“Halo Theme” from Halo Suite (Marty O’Donnell & Michael Salvatori Publishing)“Coronation” and “Baba Yetu” from Civilization IV (Christopher Tin)“Bounty Hunter Theme” from Advent Rising Suite (Tommy Tallarico & Michael Richard Plowman)Kingdom Hearts (Yoko Shimamura)
The project video shown during the performance of the above selection has been prepared by University of Missouri-Kansas City Professor Caitlin Horsmon.
In choosing to prepare a new arrangement especially for the CIA WAO III, Joan Sommers researched some of the popular repertoire of video games background music, which has today evolved into the phenomenon of the Video Games Live concerts presented throughout the world. The Video Games Live concerts combine a symphony orchestra performance, performing the music from popular video games, with a video show of excerpts from the games or live performance by video game characters. The debut performance of Video Games Live took place on July 6, 2005 at the world famous Hollywood Bowl with the L.A. Philharmonic and over 11,000 audience members. Two of the most successful composers of video games music state: “Our dream when we started working on Video Games Live in 2002 was to demonstrate how artistic and culturally significant video games have become. Aside from opening the eyes of non-gamers to our industry, our goal is to help usher in a whole new generation of people to appreciate symphonic music. Video Games Live has become the most successful video game tour in the world. As we continue to travel around the globe, we carry on our commitment to reaffirm that video games have evolved into a true art form that become the entertainment of choice for millions in the 21st century.” Many of these concerts also draw large numbers of attendees dressed in costumes representing various characters from the video games, and often include audience costume competitions.

The New Year Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra is a concert of classical music that takes place each year on the morning of January 1 in Vienna, Austria. It is broadcast around the world to an estimated audience of one billion in more than 50 countries. The music always includes pieces from the Strauss family, with occasional additional pieces from other mostly Austrian composers. These concerts have been held in the “Large Hall” of the Wiener Musikverein since 1939. Almost every year since 1945 they have always ended with three encores after the main programme, the first encore is a fast polka, the second is normally The Blue Danube Waltz and the final one, since 1958, is Johann Strauss, Sr.’s Radetzky March. During this last festive piece, the audience participates with the traditional clap-along, and the conductor turns around to conduct the audience instead of the orchestra at various times.

Above: Joan C. Sommers conducting the World Accordion Orchestra III
Conductors Gary Daverne and Joan C. Sommers at the conclusion of the World Accordion Orchestra III Concert

CIA 2009 World Accordion Orchestra III Members
Kevin Friedrich (NZ) (Concertmaster), Christine Adams (NZ), Mathilde Auroux (Australia), Nathaneal Baier (Australia), Cornelia Baier (Australia), Cherise Barry (NZ), Jérôme Bauer (France), Danielle Beston (NZ), Campbell Bettridge (NZ), Raymond Bodell (UK), Larysa Bodell (UK), Carmel Bonaventura (Australia), Jasmine Capitulo (USA), Chanelle Carron (NZ), Michelle Chander (NZ), Connie Chang (USA), Jessica Chen (NZ), Katrina Cheung (USA), Fiona Cocurullo-Managh (NZ), Donna Connor (USA), Stephen Cope (NZ), Tony Crews (USA), Neil Crisp (NZ) (Percussion), Doug Crispe (NZ), David Davis (Australia), Michele Demian (USA), Larry Demian (USA), Frederic Deschamps (France), Deanna Devers (Australia), Joan Emmett-Brown (NZ), Dave Garner (Canada), Eddie Giffney (NZ), Cheryl Goodwin (Australia), Amelia Granturco (Australia), Dominique Granturco (Australia), David Hamann (USA), Karen Hankinson (Australia), Linley Hawkes (NZ), Richard Hennes (NZ), Georg Hettmann (Germany), Megan Jennings (NZ), Amy Jennings (NZ), Julie Johnstone (Australia), Harley Jones (NZ), Lian Jones (NZ), Maurice Jones (NZ), Elizabeth Jones (Australia), Ivana Jovanovic (Australia), Jedda Kassis (Australia), Lynette Kelcher (NZ), Merle Kershaw (NZ), Erica Knights (NZ), Christine Kroon (Australia), Alex Ladyman (NZ), Dee Langley (USA), Margaret Lee (NZ), Wallace Liggett (NZ), Dennis Lovatt (NZ), Cecilia Lynch (NZ), Edward Maag (USA), Sarah Martin (USA), Amber Masefield (NZ), Heather Masefield (NZ), Kimmo Mattila (Finland), Heather McCausland (NZ), Trevor McDougall (NZ), Marie McGuinness (Australia), Martin Meyer (NZ), Nikki Michelsson (NZ), Heather Mitchell-Gladstone (NZ), Jacques Mornet (France), Geraldine Morris (Australia), Jenna Murray (NZ), Suzanne O’Connell (NZ), Jan Olsen (NZ), Dawn Owen (USA), Marissa Oxman (USA), Ariel Oxman (USA), Marvin Paguio (USA), Sonja Palinich (NZ), Denise Palmer (NZ), Kristina Panzic (NZ), Stephanie Panzic (NZ), Olivia Panzic (NZ), Annemarie Panzic (NZ), Lorraine Parnell (NZ), Mirco Patarini (Italy), Craig Perry (NZ), Katherine Peterson (NZ) (Percussion), Stephanie Poole (NZ), Sam Rich (NZ) (Percussion), Dan Robinson (NZ), Antoinette Rodahl (NZ), Roseanne Rosario (NZ), Merv Russell (NZ), Jazmine Santayana (USA), Michele Scheffler (USA), Herbert Scheibenreif (Austria), Rob Scott-Mitchell (Australia), Alexander Selivanov (Russia), Betty Jo Simon (USA), June Stratton (NZ), Gary Stratton (NZ), Grace Sung (NZ), Raimondas Sviackevicius (Lithuania), Vincenzo Taverense (Australia), Mary Tokarski (USA), Kim Waddell (NZ), Brad Williams (NZ), Alison Worthington (NZ), Aiden Wright (NZ), George Xu (NZ), Carol Yan (NZ), Pamela Yan (NZ) (Keyboard), Tamba Young (NZ), Stephen Zhao (NZ).