pictures kindly provided by Harley Jones (Fiji), Jérôme Bauer (France), Li Cong (China), Graham Laurie (Scotland) Kevin Friedrich (USA)
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International Competition for Ensemble Music Contestants

Blue Dream Accordion Chamber Group
New Zealand
Liu HAIYU (Accordion)
Luo JIAQI (Erhu)
Liu LIU (Accordion)
He QIAN (Accordion)
Wang XI (Accordion)
Sackolov Silent City
Gerrigian Russian Badinerie
Jürgen Ganzer Mecchanico
Liang Yunjiang, Zhang Xiaobo Chinese Style

Mm Combine
Meng QIAN (Accordion)
Ma SHUANG (Accordion)
Jevgeni Derbenko Toccata
Yangyi The Train To The Shao Mountain
Anatoli Belyaev Autumn Leaves
Kurt Schwaen Perpetuum Mobile

Noteable Soundz
New Zealand
Michelle CHANDLER (Accordion)
Martin MEYER (Accordion)
Daniel ROBINSON (Accordion)
Bradley WILLIAMS (Accordion)
Tamba YOUNG (Accordion)
Matias Seiber Irishe Suite Nos 1, 2 & 3
Enrico Morricone, arr. Parnell The Good the Bad and The Ugly
George Gershwin, arr. Hans Brehme Fascinating Rhythm
Gioacchino Rossini, arr. Kurt Herold Barber of Seville