pictures kindly provided by Harley Jones (Fiji), Jérôme Bauer (France), Li Cong (China), Graham Laurie (Scotland) Kathy Macdonald (New Zealand)
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Sunday August 30, 2009 - Day Trip to Dargaville
CIA Visitors were offered a trip into the countryside of rural New Zealand on a Dargaville Day Trip. Dargaville is the home town of Kevin Friedrich, outgoing CIA President, who orgnanized the excursion for his CIA friends.

After meeting at the Dargaville Town Hall, visitors were taken on an excursion to the west coast Ripiro Beach, the longest drivable beach in New Zealand, strecthing some 80 miles from the norther most point of the Manganui Bluff, to the Pouto peninsular in the South, the northern head of the Kaipara Harbor.
Dargaville is situated on the banks of the Northern Wairoa River
As the CIA guests made their way to Baylys Beach via Mahuta Gap, the landscapes included Mt. Tutamoe and the West Coast farmland.
The Beach Bus made its way onto the beach via Mahuta Gap
The Ripiro Beach (approx. 80 miles long) stretching from the Manganui Bluff in the north to the Pouto Peninsula in the south
the Cliffs of the Ripiro Beach, and right, a beach resident observing the CIA visitors
the Volcanic plugs (core) of Mangarahu (left) and Toka Toka (right)
Maori Welcome and Luncheon at the Oturei Marae
After the beach excursion, the CIA guests and friends were welcome to the Oturei Marae. Situated in the border zone between Nga Puhi tribes to the north and Ngati Whatua tribes to the south, Dargaville is a dynamic place in Maoridom.
CIA Guests being welcomed onto the Oturei Marae with the traditional Maori challenge
left: Pere Tahere and right Brendan Nathan

Above and below: Pere Tahere challenging the CIA Guests
picutres by Jérôme Bauer (France)
Maori Carving at the Oturei Marae
Jacques Mornet, Jerome Bauer (France) Sirpa Sippola & Minna Plhitari (Finland)
Above and Below: Te Kopuru Primary Shool Kapa Haka Group entertaining the CIA Guests
International Celebration Concert hosted by Kevin Friedrich
The Dargaville Community put on an International Celebration of Music hosted by Kevin Friedrich as a finale to his eight years of office as President of the Confederation Internationale des Accordeonistes (CIA).
The Kauri Chorus opening the International Celebration of Music hosted by Kevin Friedrich, with a beautiful rendition of Po Kare Kare Ana
Popular Whangari based Celtic group 'Fiddlelore'
The Star of the Show - Yulia
Yulia with accompanists Kevin Friedrich (Accordion) and Nolene Osbaldiston (Piano)
The North Shore Accordion Orchestra under the direcion of Lionel Reekie
Kevin Friedrich receiving the CIA Merit Award in recognition
for his outstanding contributions to the International Accordion Movement
from new CIA President Raymond Bodell (UK).
Kevin Friedrich presenting concert organizer Heidi Dreyer with flowers in appreciation for her tremendous work in organizing the concert and fundraising the $10,000 in cash prizes on behalf of the Dargaville Community
Betty Jo Simon (USA)
Mary Tokarski (USA)
Winner of the CIA International Competition for Piano Accordion - He Qian (China)
and the presentation of the $5,000.00 donated from the Dargaville Community
the prize was made in honor of the late Ben Emmett from Dargaville
Winner of the CIA International Competition for Virtuoso Entertainment Music - Grayson Masefield (New Zealand)
and the presentation of the $5,000.00 donated from the Dargaville Community
the prize was made in honor of the late Jenny Cocurullo from Dargaville
World Accordion Orchestra III under the direction of Gary Daverne (Auckland, New Zealand)
Concert Master: Kevin Friedrich

World Accordion Orchestra III under the direction of Joan C. Sommers (Kansas City, USA)
Concert Master: Kevin Friedrich
Conductor Joan C. Sommers shaking hands with Concert Master Kevin Friedrich
Conductors Joan Sommers and Gary Daverne being presented with speically commissioned Conductor Batons hand crafted
by New Zealand's leading worrdturner Rick Taylor (Dargaville) from thousands of years old native Kauri wood from the Dargaville area.
The Concert Finale directed by Gary Daverne featuring the World Accordion Orchestra III and Kauri Chorus and members of the audience
performing the traditional Now is the Hour and the National Anthem God Defend New Zealand
Mayor's Reception and Dinner and Museum Visit
After the concert, CIA guests went to the Lighthouse Function Center at the Dargaville Museum for a recpetion hosted by His Worship the Mayor Neil Tiller.

After the dinner, guests were invited to view the Dargaville Museum including the Accordion Gems, A Master Collection of Accordions Through Time.
Kevin Friedrich and His Worship the Mayor of Dargaville Neil Tiller and some of the instruments at the Accordion Gems display
CIA General Secretary viewing Krarvatti, a Finnish instrument
Instrument Make: Onakeyhtio Harmonika
Instrument Model: Kravatti, 120 Bass
Date of Manufacture: c 1936
Country of Manufacturer: Kouvola, Finland
Kimmo Mattila viewing the display pertaining to Ben and Doreen Emmett, Kevin's original accordion teachers in Dargaville
Newspaper Articles of the Dargaville Concert

Following the Concert in the Dargaville Town Hall the 'Dargaville and Districts News' and 'The Northern Advocate' Newspapers covering the entire northern region of New Zealand featured very positive reviews and pictures of the concert.

The Northern Advocate - September 3, 2009
Dargaville and District News - September 9, 2009
Dargaville and District News - September 9, 2009
Dargaville and District News - September 9, 2009
Dargaville and District News - September 2, 2009