Welcome to the 60th Anniversary CIA Coupe Mondiale
co-hosted by the
Accordionists & Teachers Guild (ATG) / American Accordionists' Association (AAA)
in conjunction with the AAA/ATG Competition and Festival

13-18 August, 2007- Alexandria, VA (Washington DC)  USA


2007 Coupe Mondiale - World Accordion Orchestra
World Accordion Orchestra
This is the first time an accordion orchestra has been organized with members from many different nations. There are 13 nations (Austria, Canada, China, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Fiji, Finland, France, Itlay, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and USA) with the USA represented by 19 different states (CA, CT, FL, IL, IN, KS, MO, MN, NH, NJ, NY, OR, PA, RI, TN, TX, UT, VT, WI). Included among the players are members of the Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes President Kevin L. Friedrich in the position of Concertmaster along with other members of the CIA Executive Committee. The World Accordion Orchestra is conducted by the Vice Chairperson of the CIA Music Committee Joan C. Sommers.

One of the exciting aspects of this prestigious event, other than the fact that there are a great number of players from throughout the world, is the inclusion of 'Lest We Forget', written especially for the occasion and to be given its World Premiere Performance at the Closing Ceremony concert. When approached by WAO member, Liz Finch, to write something for the orchestra, the highly successful and Emmy award-winning composer, Leonard (Lenny) Stack of Los Angeles, CA, waived his usual commission fee but requested he be present to hear the initial performance. With the financial assistance of the UMKC Accordion Orchestra, Leonard Stack will be in Washington DC to be in attenadance at this magnificant World Premiere Performance by the World Accordion Orchestra.

The other two pieces were especially selected because of their titles. Hands Across the Sea, epitomizes the natural friendship shown in this orchestra and among accordionists everywhere, and Let There Be Peace On Earth, expresses the innate desire shared by all of us, no matter where we live in the world. The conductor, Joan C. Sommers, arranged them for this particular group of musicians and tonight's performance.
Members of the World Accordion Orchestra
Joan C. Sommers (Director) and Leonard Stack (Composer)

Concert Program


  • Hands Across the Sea March by John Philip Sousa
  • Lest We Forget by Leonard Stack
  • Let There Be Peace on Earth by Sy Miller and Jill Jackson

Hands Across the Sea March by John Philip Sousa: John Philip Sousa, of course, is recognized around the world as one of the most prolific and well-known composers of marches. Even long after his death his compositions continue to be performed and remain popular with wind ensembles of all types. While certainly not the most difficult of his compositions, Hands Across the Sea was chosen because of the appropriateness of its title and the fact that so many accordionists from all over the world will be combining their musical efforts in the World Accordion Orchestra.

Lest We Forget by Leonard Stack: Leonard (Lenny) Stack, a native of Los Angeles, is a highly successful composer, arranger, musical director and conductor. He won an Emmy for arranging and an Emmy nomination as musical director for his work in television specials. He is a member of ASCAP and the Television Academy and holds a Bachelor of Music in Composition. Artists such as Diana Ross and Dionne Warwick have recorded his songs and his musical scores have been used in many feature films and movies made for TV. The lengthy list of Leonard Stack's publications includes classical compositions for various ensembles as well as his Big Band Jazz originals; all have been performed frequently. Lest We Forget for Accordion Orchestra was commissioned by the UMKC Accordion Orchestra especially for the 2007 Coupe Mondiale performance and is Leonard Stack's first composition for accordion orchestra. He will attend both the rehearsal and the world premiere performance of the piece in Alexandria, VA on August 18.

Let There Be Peace on Earth by Sy Miller and Jill Jackson: Let There Be Peace on Earth has long been a favorite of church, community and school choirs all across America. It has been included on symphony orchestra concerts featuring outstanding vocal soloists many times. This arrangement gradually builds in strength and intensity, sensitively supporting the beauty of the text. A half-step modulation in the second verse moves to the climactic ending, which echoes the phrase, "Let There Be Peace!" This particular arrangement is truly a song for our time and is based on the version for symphony orchestra and choir by Mark Hayes, the award-winning concert pianist, composer, and arranger of choral, piano, and orchestral music with over 500 published works to his credit.

Participants in the World Accordion Orchestra
Kevin Friedrich USA - NY
Frédéric Deschamps FRANCE
Herbert Sheibenreif AUSTRIA
Kimmo Mattilla FINLAND
Harley Jones FIJI
Linda Soley Reed USA-CT
Jeff Lisenby USA-TN
Iona Reed Pukara CANADA
Werner Weibert AUSTRIA
Florian Weichert GERMANY
Mary Tokarski USA-CT
Julie Kasprzyk USA-CT
Amy Hayes USA-TX
Ronald Barrow USA-KS
Christine Jarquio USA-MO
Michele Demian USA-CA
Delia Zeilinger GERMANY
Silvia Merkel GERMANY
Betty Simon USA-KS
Cathy Sommers Tiritoglu USA-CA
Joanna Arnold Darrow USA-NJ
Ivan Sverko CROATIA
Jan Day USA-MO
Robi Simonelli CROATIA
Karen Boocock USA-KS
Samantha Jarquio USA-MO
Carolin Richter GERMANY
Michelle Boddicker Scheffler USA-OR
Rebecca Ratliff USA-TX
Ronald Dake USA-MO
Amy Jo Sawyer USA-IL
Cathy Weiss USA-MO
Jessica Faltot USA-TX
Donna Michael USA-MA
Dave Bargender USA-CA
Derek Rolland USA-NH
Alex Yocum USA-MO
Esther Lanting USA-IN
Gordon Kohl USA-CA
Nikola Glava CROATIA
Donna Ray USA-FL
Emily Martin USA-CA
Jon-Richard Knoff USA-VT
Donna Connor USA-OR
Yvonne Mueller USA-UT
Pam Lisenby USA-TN
Craig Muntifering USA-MN
Josip Nemet CROATIA
Carolin Jeremias GERMANY
Nancy Bethel USA-MN
Al Terzo USA-NJ
Robert Vitale USA-CT
Marilyn O'Neil USA-CT
Karen Buccitti USA-CT
Kathy DiCocco USA-CT
Judy Sehnal USA-CT
Vanessa Coelho USA-MA
Teresa Greening USA-CA
Katie Bickford USA-MA
Liz Finch USA-CA
Janet Todd USA-UT
Sarah Smith GERMANY
Jackie Doyel USA-KS
Larry Demian USA-CA
Diane Quirbach USA-NH
Dawn Owen USA-CA
Kirsten Stenkilde DENMARK
Marie Hansen DENMARK
Ditte Stampe DENMARK
Toke Andersen DENMARK
Julie Olsen DENMARK
Anders Ørneborg DENMARK
Kenneth Knudsen DENMARK
Stine Rasmussen DENMARK
Martin Krogh DENMARK
Chen Xuan CHINA
Wang Jing CHINA
Yuan Sihan CHINA
Shi Tianshu CHINA
John Mann USA-MO
Nick Baker USA-MO
Steven Schob USA-WI
Debbie Martin USA-CA
Marissa Oxman USA-CA
Mads Israelsen DENMARK
Anka Sonne DENMARK
Peter Thomsen DENMARK
Jia Siting CHINA
Yin Hang CHINA
Ji Yuchen CHINA
Tony Crews USA-CA
Diane Aguilar USA-CA
Jazmine Santayana USA-CA
Connie Chang USA-CA
Jasmine Capitulo USA-CA
Katrina Cheung USA-CA
Lars Pilsgaard DENMARK
Julie Schade DENMARK
Ingrid Deigaard DENMARK
Brian Christensen DENMARK
Johannes Borregaard DENMARK
Alicia Munoz USA-CA
Kristen Martin USA-CA
Ariel Oxman USA-CA
Jörg Hüttner GERMANY
Michael Will GERMANY
Christoph Plass GERMANY
Anna Hohenberger GERMANY
Carola Hohberger GERMANY
Matthias Innmann GERMANY
Linda Haase GERMANY
Katharina Bernhardt GERMANY
Bernd Rosenberger GERMANY
Dorothea Koss GERMANY
Stephanie Rauh GERMANY
Alexander Lehmann GERMANY
Adrian Stieglitz GERMANY
Nicole Rauh GERMANY
Sabrina Hopf GERMANY
Joesphin Moder GERMANY
Julian Feulner GERMANY
Simon Zimmerling GERMANY
Herrmann Paulus GERMANY
Thomas Hornig GERMANY
Johannes Dimmling GERMANY
Sabine Schmidt GERMANY
Don Lipovac USA-KS
Danny Desiderio USA-PA
Christine Adams NEW ZEALAND
Jessica Chen NEW ZEALAND
Edward Giffney NEW ZEALAND
Renee Jeffries NEW ZEALAND
Amber Masefield NEW ZEALAND
Heather Masefield NEW ZEALAND
Grayson Masefield NEW ZEALAND
Olivia Panzic NEW ZEALAND
Stephanie Poole NEW ZEALAND
Lionel Reekie NEW ZEALAND
Katy Gilbert (Vocal Soloist) USA-MD
Lou Weston (Vocal Soloist) USA-IL
Christine Jarquio (Vocal Soloist) USA-MO
Louise Dionne CANADA
Joanna Van Hamm CANADA
Sarah Wagner CANADA
Caroline Taillon CANADA
Poldi Olafson CANADA
Raymond Olson CANADA
Barb Chapin CANADA
Ute Kischkel CANADA
Jordan Turley CANADA
Ken Wedemire CANADA
Sarah Martin USA-CA
Tony Crews USA-CA
Stephanie Panzic NEW ZEALAND
Mirco Patarini ITALY

2007 Coupe Mondiale co-sponsored by:
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