Welcome to the 60th Anniversary CIA Coupe Mondiale
co-hosted by the
Accordionists & Teachers Guild (ATG) / American Accordionists' Association (AAA)
in conjunction with the AAA/ATG Competition and Festival

13-18 August, 2007- Alexandria, VA (Washington DC)  USA


2007 Coupe Mondiale - Review of Friday, August 17, 2007
Watch live from the Kennedy Center fo the Performing Arts in Washington DC
Saturday, August 18, 2007,     6:00 PM - USA East Coast Time

Winners and contestants from the various Coupe Mondiale Categories
The concerts are held at 6:00 PM each night (US East Coast Time), and broadcast live around the world on the Internet at the time of the performance, as well as archived for viewing at anytime in the future.

A series of accordion concerts will be held at the Millennium Stage at the famed Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, during the 2007 CIA Coupe Mondiale World Accordion Championships. The 'Performing Arts for Everyone' on the Millennium Stage program is designed to introduce the Kennedy Center, and make music available from a variety of artists from around the world to all, by providing a performance open to the public and free of charge 365 days a year.

Please visit the link below to view these exciting concerts as they happen.


World Accordion Orchestra Rehearsal
Members of the World Accordion Orchestra under the direction of Joan C. Sommers gathered to have their first rehearsal.
Mass Band Rehearsal for the Performance at the US Capitol
Frank Busso rehearses the members of the Massed Band for their performance
on the steps of the United States Capitol Building
Performance at the United States Captiol
The Massed Band attracted many spectators and media as they performed
Stars and Stripes March in front of the US Captiol Building
CIA General Secretary Kimmo Mattila from Finland
Kevin Friedrich and Ulrich Schmulling from Intermusik
 Delegate Iñigo Aizpiolea (Spain)
CIA President and 2007 Organizer Faithe Deffner in front of the Washington Monument with Chen Jun from China
New Zealand Contestant Grayson Masefield (left) and fellow New Zealander Kevin Friedrich (right) with Massimo Pigini (Italy)
Frank Busso conducting the Massed Band with a small admirer and many TV Cameras
Junior Virtuoso Entertainment Music Round II
Each candidate is required to perform and own choice program consisting of at least two (2) pieces of different styles and moods, with a maximum playing time of 7 minutes.

The contestants in Round II of the Junior International Competition for Virtuoso Entertainment Music:
Kevin Legrand (France)
Edward Giffney (New Zealand)
Eric Allard-Jacquin (France)
Sarah Vonau (France)
Anne-Sophie Bonnot (France)
John Moceo (USA)
Ruslan Ospiov (Russia)
Adrian Perez (Spain)
Benoit Nortier (France)
Pierre Laval (France)
Olivia Panzic (New Zealand)
Samantha Jarquio (USA)
Julie Langton (United Kingdom)
International Competition for Ensemble Music
Members of the International Jury

Chen JUN, (China)
Vojin VASOVIC, (Serbia)

Mirco PATARINI (Itlay)
President: Jörgen SUNDEQVIST, (Sweden)
Iñigo AIZPIOLEA, (Spain)
Stephanie POOLE, (New Zealand)
Graham LAURIE, (United Kingdom)
Vjera ODAK-JEMBRIH, (Croatia)
Contestants in the International Competition for Ensemble Music

-International Duo
Lidia Kaminska - accordion (Poland) and Doug O'Connor - saxophone (USA)

-Art of Accordion Quintet - Germany
Alexander CARGNELLI (accordion)
Clemens TSCHALLEIER (accordion)
Sarah STAIGER (accordion)
Michaela HEPP (accordion)
Ralf BRENDLE (accordion)

-Accordion Duo - Germany
Julian Feulner and Johannes Dimmling

-Accordion Quintet Hof - Germany
Florian WEICHERT (accordion)
Delia ZEILINGER (accordion)
Sarah SMITH (accordion)
Nicole RAUH (accordion)
Silvia THUROFF (Bass Accordion)

-Accordion Duo - Germany
Adrian Stieglitz and Simon Zimmerling
Art of Accordion Quintet - Germany
Doug O'Connor (USA) and Lidia Kaminska (Poland)
Johannes Dimmling and Julian Feulner
Gala Anniersary Banquet and Concert
More than 500 people enjoyed the 60th Coupe Mondiale Banquet
Lou Coppola (first USA Coupe Mondiale candidate) and the Stereo Strolling Strings
ATG President Joan C. Sommers presenting the ATG Hall of Fame Award to Faithe Deffner, surrouned by ATG Board Members
2007 Coupe Mondiale Organizer Faithe Deffner and Linda Soley Reed, AAA President
Norman Seaton (President of the National Accordion Association) and wife Sharon
The North Shore Accordion Orchestra from Auckland, New Zealand, conducted by Lionel Reekie.
Dancer Elena Reekie and flag holder Alexandra Reekie
Don Lipovac from Kansas City
Mary Tokarski, CT
The Busso Trio
Stas Venglevski
Martin Music Center Accordion Orchestra, directed by Randy Martin

2007 Coupe Mondiale co-sponsored by:
Accordionists & Teachers Guild, International (ATG)
Joan C. Sommers - President
2312 W. 71st Terrace
Prairie Village, KS 66208
Phone: 913-722-5625
American Accordionists’ Association (AAA)
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