Welcome to the 60th Anniversary CIA Coupe Mondiale
co-hosted by the
Accordionists & Teachers Guild (ATG) / American Accordionists' Association (AAA)
in conjunction with the AAA/ATG Competition and Festival

13-18 August, 2007- Alexandria, VA (Washington DC)  USA


2007 Coupe Mondiale - Review of Saturday, August 18, 2007
Washington Post Article
Article in the Washington Post
Coupe Mondiale, Round 3
Normally the top six contestants are taken through to the top round, however, this year there was a tie for 6th place going into the final round, so seven were asked to perform the 3rd Round:

Linar Davletbaev, Russia
Zong Han Fu, China
Jai Qi Ge, China
Julien Gonzales, France
Li Long, China
Alexander Sevastian, Canada
Ivan Sverko, Croatia
Closing Session of the 118th General Assembly
The Chinese Delegation of Chen Jun and Li Cong made a presentation of an ancient
Chinese Sheng to the CIA Archives collection housed in Ikaalinen, Finland.
Pictured are Kimmo Mattila (CIA General Secretary), Chen Jun (China), Li Cong (China) and CIA President Kevin Friedrich
CIA Delegates in attendance at the 118th General Assembly.
Back Row:

China - Chen JUN, Croatia - Tatjana LAUIC, Norway - Lars ARNEVIG, Spain - Iñigo AIZPIOLEA, China - Li CONG, Italy - Mirco PATARINI, United Kingdom - Graham LAURIE, USA (AAA) - Linda Soley REED, Germany - Günther ZEILINGER, Austria - Herbert SCHEIBENREIF, New Zealand - Heather MASEFIELD, Austria - Weiner WEIBERT, New Zealand - Carol YAN, Netherlands - Ron Van OVERBRUGGEN, United Kingdom - Elaine BEECHAM, Sweden - Jörgen SUNDEQVIST, Serbia & Montenegro - Vojin VASOVIC, Denmark - Peter ANDERS, United Kingdom - Gina BRANNELLI
Front Row:
Fiji - Harley JONES, USA (ATG) - Joanna Arnold DARROW, USA (AFNA) - Sylvia PRIOR, Croatia - Vjera ODAK-JEMBRIH, USA (AAA) - Faithe DEFFNER, USA - Kevin FRIEDRICH, Finland - Kimmo MATTILA, Austria - Walter MAURER, United Kingdom - Raymond BODELL, USA (ATG) - Joan SOMMERS, France - Frederic DESCHAMPS
CIA Awards Ceremony
Members of the International Jury
Contestants in the Junior Competition for Virtuoso Entertainment Music
Contestants in the Junior Coupe Mondiale
Contestants in the International Competition for Virtuoso Entertainment Music
Contestants in the International Competition for Ensemble Music
Contestants in the International Competition for Piano Accordion
CIA Reception
Past, Present and Future
2006 Coupe Mondiale Organizer - Lars Arnevig (Norway) (right)
2007 Coupe Mondiale Organizer - Faithe Deffner (USA) (center)
2008 Coupe Mondiale Organizer - Graham Laurie (United Kingdom) (left)
Coupe Mondiale Candidates relaxing after a grueling week of competitions at a celebration reception hosted by Steve Stolaruk
Team Germany
Team New Zealand
CIA Awards Concert
The CIA Presented several Awards at the Concert including the Honored Friend of the Accordion and the CIA Merit Award.
Honored Friend of the Accordion
Elaine Beecham, United Kingdom
(teaching and work on behalf of the NAO)
Honored Friend of the Accordion
Jeroen Nijhof, Netherlands
(work in developing
CIA Merit Award
Vjera Odak-Jembrih (Croatia)
(work in pedagogy, method books and teaching)
CIA Merit Award
Harley Jones (Fiji)
(for his vision in developing Accordions Worldwide)
Winner of the Junior Coupe Mondiale
Ruslan OSIPOV (Russia)
Winner of the Junior Virtuoso Entertainment Competition
Best Performance of the Test Piece from the Finalists
Li LONG (China)
Winner of the Virtuoso Entertainment Competition
Jeremie BUIRETTE (France)
Winner of the International Competition for Piano Accordion
Stanislav JUSUFOVIC (Serbia)
Winner of the 60th Anniversary Coupe Mondiale
Alexander SEVASTIAN (Canada)
As is tradition at the CIA, at the conclusion of the official CIA functions, the current organizer passes the responsibilities by presenting a Plaque to the following Coupe Mondiale organizer as a token of goodwill. 2007 Organizer Faithe Deffner (USA) presents Graham Laurie (Scotland) with the organizers Plaque as the CIA prepares to be hosted in Glasgow, Scotland in October 2008.
Members of the World Accordion Orchestra include CIA Executive Committee Members and former CIA contestants:
Concert Master: Kevin Friedrich - CIA President, Raymond Bodell (CIA Vice President) Mary Tokarski (USA Contestant), Kimmo Mattila (CIA General Secretary/Treasurer), Julie Kaspursyk (2nd place Coupe Mondiale Winner), and Herbert Scheibenreif (Vice President)
Behind the Concert Master is 1962 CIA World Champion Iona Reed, and behind her former Coupe Mondiale contestant Jeff Lisenby. On the right is CIA Vice President Herbert Scheibenfeif, AAA President Linda Soley Reed, and Amy Jo Sawyer (Coupe Mondiale contestant).
Conductor Joan C. Sommers - Vice Chairperson of the CIA Music Committee and 3rd Place CIA Coupe Mondiale Winner
World Accordion Orchestra Concert Master - CIA President Kevin Friedrich
Conductor, ATG President and Vice Chairperson of CIA Music Committee - Joan C. Sommers
Composer of Lest We Forget (World Premiere) - Leonard Stack

2007 Coupe Mondiale co-sponsored by:
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