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  • For two (2) to five (5) musicians of any formation, with minimum one accordion (e.g., can be multiple accordions, or accordions with other instruments).
  • Chamber Music Ensemble competition is for acoustic instruments (no electronics). All accordions must be acoustic reed instruments.
  • Own Choice Program of concert music consisting of at least two (2) pieces with contrasting style.
  • The competition organizers will not provide instruments other than a piano tuned to A 442.
  • Playing time: maximum 20 minutes playing time.
  • Marking will take into consideration program choice, level of playing and ensemble work.

Adrshin, Artur
Shkvorov, Arkady
Stupnikov, Vladimir

russia flag
Own Choice Program
L.Vierne: Carillon de Westminster
A. Mozart: A Little Night Music, No. 13 g-Dur, K. 525 - iv. rondo
P. Makkonen "Longing For Primitivity"
A. Shalaev "Winter-Winter"
L. Bernstein: Gait Of A Turkey

Krasnoyark-Duo (Accordions)
Anikin, Vladimir
Syrchin, Nikita
russia flag
Own Choice Program
M. Mussorgsky: : Promenade, Ballet Of Unhatched Chicks
S. Prokofiev: Satanic Apparition (absession Diabolique)
P. Tchaikovskiy: Doumka
A. Shalaev: Russian Blizard

Accordion Quintet Accordeus (Accordions)
Danilovic, Vanja
Pantelić, Nikola
Đurović, Miljana
Muhadinović, Milica
Ćeha, Stefan

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Own Choice Program
Dražan Kosorić: Kolaž (collage)
Antionio Vivaldi: Concerto Per Archi E Basso Continuo In Sol Minore, Rv 156, Arr. Dražan Kosorić:Виктор Петрович Власов Концертньй триптих на тему картины Иеронима Босха „Страшный суд“, 2nd Movement

Lecce Accordion Project
Fanizza, Giovanni
Bianco, Michele
Coluccia, Francesco A.
russia flag
Own Choice Program
Alfred Schnittke: Gogol Suite: I. Overture; Vi. Official; Vii. Waltz ; Iv: Polka
Vladimir Zubitsky: Sonata "fatum" (i - Ii Mov.)
Jukka Tiensuu: Mutt

Tutto A Dio
Rakauskas, Augustinas
Staponkutė, Greta

Own Choice Program
V. Tsitovitch: Toccata
A. Piazzolla: Le Grand Tango
S. Cincadze: Khorumi

Duo Paan
Rusnov, Paulo
Mikac, Ana
russia flag
Own Choice Program
Gustav Mahler: Wo Die Schönen Trompeten Blasen/arr.Paulo Rušnov
Astor Piazzolla: Che Tango Che
Laura Mjeda Čuperjani: Disaccordion

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