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Osimo is rich of history, a history of about 3,000 years that left us a precious legacy: artifacts and archaeological sites, artworks and buildings of important and noble patrons. Re-experience the past and the events of different peoples and personalities linked together in a unique town.
Osimo hides lot of mysteries in its underground labyrinth. Discover an unusual underground world, full of wells and tunnels carved in the sandstone from the hands of the man who, for centuries, uses it to defend itself and to meet in secret, as shown by the arcane symbols on the wall.
Osimo surprises you at every corner. Get lost among the narrow streets that unfold from the main street, you can suddenly find in front of you a wonderful panoramic view that sweeps from the Sibillini Mountains to the rolling green hills, to the blue sea of Riviera del Conero.
There are many Monuments, among which the Cantinone Caves, the Piazza Dante Caves, the Simonetti Caves the
Riccioni Caves and the Archaeological Museum. Climbing down the stone stairs from Mononym Street you arrive in a place where the silence is interrupted only by the water noise. Surrounded by green mosses and small ferns, you will see the ancient Fonte Magna, a Roman nymphaeum dating from the first century B.C. called in this way because
of its size and the most important source of the area. It’s said that Pompeo Magno’s horses had drunk there during a short stop in the city for recruiting soldiers to employ against Cesar during the civil wars.

Tatro La Nuova Fenice

The main venue for the Coupe Mondiale competitions will be the spectacular Teatro "La Nuova Fenice".
The current theater is located on the ashes of the former theater of the same name built on a design of ' architect Cosimo Morelli between 1773 and 1787. The theater was declared unusable in 1881 and demolished in 1885 to be replaced by the present theater.
The new building designed by the architect Gaetano Canedi was erected between 1887 and 1892 , while the decorations are the work of Giovanni Diana, Fernando and Alfonso Goldini Torchi. Closed in 1987 for renovations, the theater was restored and reopened in 1999.
The well-preserved curtain (lower right) is the work of designer Alfonso Goldini ". The historical curtain was made in the late 1800s and mounted Theatre in 1870, where he remained for about 70 years.
After the Second World War, it ended up in a warehouse and then forgotten in the Elementary School S.Paterniano. Fortunately the Superintendent believed in the recovery of the prestigious curtain, and returned it to its rightful place for which it was intended.

  L'attuale teatro sorge sulle ceneri del precedente teatro omonimo realizzato su disegno dell'architetto Cosimo Morelli fra il 1773 e il 1787. La sala degli spettacoli della vecchia struttura si presentava con pianta a campana e 4 ordini di palchi centinati per un totale di 67, caratterizzati da balaustre a balconcino. Le decorazioni furono affidate a Vincenzo Mazza, Giovanni Battista Bunelli e Melchiorre Jelli. Il teatro fu dichiarato inagibile nel 1881 e demolito nel 1885 per essere sostituito dal teatro attuale. La nuova struttura opera dell'architetto Gaetano Canedi fu eretta fra il 1887 e il 1892, mentre le decorazioni della sala sono opera di Giovanni Diana, Fernando Torchi ed Alfonso Goldini. Chiuso nel 1987 per adeguamento alle norme di sicurezza, il teatro fu restaurato e riaperto al pubblico nel 1999.
"Il sipario storico del Teatro "La Nuova Fenice" è tornato al suo posto e lo ha fatto con una cerimonia degna del suo valore. Il sipario è stato realizzato sul finire del 1800 e montato a Teatro nel 1870, dove è rimasto per circa 70 anni. Dopo la seconda guerra mondiale è, finito in un magazzino del Comune e poi dimenticato nella scuola elementare di S.Paterniano. Fortunatamente la Soprintendenza ha creduto nel recupero del prestigioso tendaggio, che è tornato a far bella di mostra di sé nel luogo per cui era stato pensato."

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