Daily reports by Kevin Friedrich, CIA Ambassador
Pictures by Kevin Friedrich, Alison Worthington, Amber Masefield and Minna Plihtari
Additional pictures will be added in as they become available. We invite you to check back.
Coupe Mondiale, Round II
  • One complete original work for the accordion.
Virtuoso Entertainment Music, Round II
  • OWN CHOICE PROGRAM: Own Choice Program consisting of at least two (2) pieces of different styles and moods.
  • Playing time: maximum 9 minutes.
Members of the Senior Virtuoso Entertainment Music Jury
Elizabeth Finch, H De Brito Vaz Guerreiro, Frederic Deschamps, Vladimir Orlov, Li Cong,
Yan Tabachnyk, Oswaldinho Silva, Marjan Krajna , Renzo Ruggieri
Pavel Vilkov
Guillaume Clerget
Egle Bartkeviciute
Bessieres Anais
Radu Ratoi
Nikolay Ovchinnikov
Luis Gama
Kirstaps Ginters
Gustavo Aliandre De Almeida
Andrea Di Giacomo
Friendly Faces
This week Osimo is the gathering place for many friends from around the world as they celebrate the 70th Coupe Mondiale. Here, many of the International visitors are pictured catching up and enjoying the relaxed atmoshpere of the many Osimo cafes and surrounds.
Junior Coupe Mondiale, Round II
  • OWN CHOICE PROGRAM: Minimum of two (2) pieces must be played of which one must be an original work for accordion. Single movements from cyclic works are acceptable.
  • Playing time: maximum 15 minutes playing time.
Members of the International Juryy:
right to left: Zorica Karakutovska, Heather Masefield, Mary Tokarski, Georg Hettmann, Juri Shiskin, Ruedi Marty,
Giorgio Dellarole, Raimo Vertainen and Werner Weibert,
Xiangyu Jiang
Robert Alevetdinov
Aleksa Cvetanovic
Chuqi Gao
Alessandro Pagliari
Ilia Shevchenko
Leonid Muravjov
Petar Kochovski
Natlia Kowalska
Veljko Milojkovic
Jingyang Wang
Sergio Gladkyy
Sergei Aleinikov
Pavel Riabkov
Jaakko Jukonen
Stepan Armasar
Mikko Makkonen
Victor Sukhorebrik
Anastasija Zubova
The 2017 Coupe Mondiale poster  was created by famous Italian painter Aurelio Alabardi. Mr. Albardi also painted many of the world's most well known accordionists that were on display during the festival. The following are a sampling of his work with the respective accordionist painted.
Viatcheslav Semionov (Russia)
Grayson Masefield (New Zealand) pictured with his mother Heather Masefield
Oswaldino do accordeon (Brazil)
Mirco Patarini (Italy)
Cantinone Caves
CIA Delegates and guest were invited by the Mayor of Osimo Simone Pugnaloni to visit the fascinating Cantinone’s caves which are found on multi layers underneath Osimo, some 300 metres under the market place of the city and the Sanctuary of St. Joseph of Cupertino. About 2,500 years ago, the ancient people began to dig the hill in depth to make defensive passage ways and secret passages, to provide water and to survive. It was here that Friars came down to pray or to stay alone in the absolute silence, far away from the noise of the city.

CIA President Raymond Bodell and his wife Anna enjoying the visit to the caves hidden below Osimo

Francesca Pigini accepting the CIA Honored Friend of the Accordion Award on behalf of Massimo Pigini

Dario Flamino (accordion)
Dario Flammini pictured with composer Pier Paolo Cascioli and Marco Gatti

Samuele Telari (accordion)
Samuele Telari (accordion) and composer Angelo Bruzzese (composer)

Ghenadie Rotari (accordion)
composer Corrado Rojac receiving award from Mirco Patarini

Marco Gemelli (accordion)
Cesare Chiacchiaretta receiving award from Mirco Patarini
all the artists with the Filarmonica Marchigiana and conductor Marco Gatti

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