Daily reports by Kevin Friedrich, CIA Ambassador
Pictures by Kevin Friedrich, Alison Worthington, Amber Masefield and Minna Plihtari
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members of the International Jury arriving in the Cable Car
that transports visitors up to the historic city of Osimo
International Competition for Chamber Music - Classical
  • For two (2) to five (5) musicians of any formation, with minimum one accordion (e.g., can be multiple accordions, or accordions with other instruments).
  • Chamber Music Ensemble competition is for acoustic instruments (no electronics). All accordions must be acoustic reed instruments.
  • Own Choice Program of concert music consisting of at least two (2) pieces with contrasting style.
  • The competition organizers will not provide instruments other than a piano tuned to A 442.
  • Playing time: maximum 20 minutes playing time.
  • Marking will take into consideration program choice, level of playing and ensemble work.

Ensemble Music (Classical) Jury
Alexander Selivanov, Kimmo Mattila, Marjan Krajna, Elizabeta Ilievska, Germano Scurti,
Milijan Bjeletic, Mary Tokarski, Spodris Kacans, Georg Hettmann

Lecce Accordion Project
Giovanni Fanizza, Michele Bianco, Francesco A.Coluccia
Vladimir Anikin, Nikita Syrchin
Tutto A Dio
Augustinas Rakauskas (Accordion) and Greta Staponkutė (Viola)
Accordion Quintet Accordeus
Vanja Danilovic, Nikola Pantelić, Miljana Đurović, Milica Muhadinović, Stefan Ćeha
Artur Adrshin, Arkady Shkvorov, Vladimir Stupnikov
Masters Coupe Mondiale
  • OWN CHOICE PROGRAM: consisting of three (3) or more pieces including one from the Baroque era, one piece to be of a slower, lyrical style and one piece of a technical virtuosic style. It must contain at least one Original Work but transcriptions may also be used. Single movements from cyclic works are acceptable, however a maximum of one movement of any cyclic work shall be selected.
  • Competitors must present themselves as artists to an audience; presentation, dress and stage-craft all being important.
  • Playing time: suggested minimum of 15 minutes to maximum 20 minutes playing time.

Masters Coupe Mondiale Jury
Anatoly Gaissin, Dario Flammini, Grayson Masefield, Zorica Karakutovska, Kazys Stonkus,
Oleg Sharov, Zoran Rakic, Joan Cochran Sommers, Andreas Nebl

Some of the contestants in the Masters Coupe Mondiale:
Nikolay Teleshenko
Evgeniia Chirkova
Radu Ratoi
Atur Sayadyan
Nathan Chapeton
Mikhail Andreev
Arkadii Shkvorov
Stoyan Karaivanov
Darko Micevski
Artur Adrshin
Junior Virtuoso Entertainment Music


  • There will be one (1) round. Each piece may be played only once during the CIA Competition.
  • Own choice program consisting of at least two (2) pieces of different styles and moods. Playing time: maximum 12 minutes.

Members of the Junior Virtuoso Entertainment Jury
Elizabeth Finch, H De Brito Vaz Guerreiro, Stephanie Poole, Vladimir Orlov,
Jörgen Sundeqvist, Ruedi Marty, Aivi Tilk, Werner Weibert, Antonio Spaccarotella

Diego Gatte
Denis Marko Dubjel
Luis Mira
Leonid Muravjov
Huaien Fan
Edoardo Dominici
Danton Wang
Aleksandra Mikhailova
Maneul Marchegiani
Joao Palma
Alexander Bodell
Virtuoso Entertainment Music - Round I
  • OWN CHOICE PROGRAM: Own Choice Program consisting of at least two (2) pieces of different styles and moods.
  • Playing time: maximum 9 minutes.

Members of the Senior Virtuoso Entertainment Music Jury
Elizabeth Finch, H De Brito Vaz Guerreiro, Frederic Deschamps, Vladimir Orlov, Li Cong,
Yan Tabachnyk, Oswaldinho Silva, Marjan Krajna , Renzo Ruggieri

Radu Ratoi
Gustavo Aliandre De Almeida
Bessieres Anais
Guillaume Clerget
Egle Bartkeviciute
Nikolay Ovchinnikov
Pavel Vilkov
Luis Gama
Andrea DiGiacomo
Kristaps Ginters
Above and Below: Mr. Roberto Ottavianelli accepting the Honored Friend of the
Accordion on behalf of Armando Bugari who was unable to attend due to health reasons.
Giorgio Dellarole Quartet
Giorgio Dellarole (Accordion), Francesco Baroni (Harpsichord),
Enrico Contini (Baroque Cello), Luca Giardini (Baroque Violin)
Giorgio Dellarole (Accordion), Francesco Baroni (Harpsichord),
Giorgio Dellarole (Accordion),, Luca Giardini (Baroque Violin)
Enrico Contini (Baroque Cello), Giorgio Dellarole (Accordion)
Giorgio Dellarole Quartet
Giorgio Dellarole (Accordion), Francesco Baroni (Harpsichord),
Enrico Contini (Baroque Cello), Luca Giardini (Baroque Violin)

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