Coupe Mondiale 2013
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Daily reports by Kevin Friedrich (CIA Ambassador)
Festival pictures and videos are provided by Kevin Friedrich, Harley Jones, Carol Yan, Alison Worthington and Graham Laurie.
21 August 2013
Round II - Own Choice Program

Each of the contestants in Round II was required to perform a program as follows:

  • OWN CHOICE PROGRAM: Minimum of two (2) pieces must be played of which one must be an original work for accordion. Single movements from cyclic works are acceptable.
  • Playing time: minimum 10 minutes to maximum 15 minutes playing time. Failure to observe minimum or maximum playing time will result in a mark penalty.
mao junhao
Mao Junhao (China)
Bozidar Rajic
Bozidar Rajic (Serbia)
aleksandr Komelkov
Aleksandr Komelkov (Russia)
emmanuel gasser
Emmanuel Gasser (Canada)
thomas schmelzle
Thomas Schmelzle (Germany)
anniina luukkainen
Anniina Luukkainen (Finland)
jnc jury
Members of the International Jury for the Junior Coupe Mondiale:
Mirco Patarini (Italy), Kazys Storkus (Lithuania), Mary Tokarski (USA), Dalibor Boijun (Croatia), President: Herbert Scheibenreif (Austria), Miljan Bjeletic (Serbia), Alexander Sevastian (Canada), Crystal Wang (China), Jacques Mornet (France),
66th Coupe Mondiale, Round II

All contestants in the Coupe Mondiale division, went through to the second round, where their program requirements were to perform as follows:

  • One complete original work for the accordion.
snc draw
ivan filipchyk
Ivan Filipchyk (Belarus)
alexander kolmiytsev
Alexander Kolmiytsev (Russia)
marko sevarlic
Marko Sevarlic (Serbia)
nikola pekovic
Nikola Pekovic (Serbia)
Zi Bin Jia (China)
han zhi wang
Han Zhi Wang (China)
laimonas salijus
Laimonas Salijus (Lithuania)
Pavel Mikhalev (Russia) - Withdrew from the Competition
augustinas rakauskas
Augustinas Rakauskas (Lithuania)
christal sautaux
Christel Sautaux (Switzerland)
snc jury
Graham Laurie (United Kingdom), Kazys Storkus (Lithuania), Herbert Scheibenreif (Austria), Dalibor Boijun (Croatia),
Viatcheslav Semionov - President of the Jury (Russia), Miljan Bjeletic (Serbia), Alexander Sevastian (Canada),
Li Cong (China), Jacques Mornet (France)
Round I

Today saw the beginning of the keenly contestant International Competition for Virtuoso Entertainment Music where contestants were required to perform:

  • OWN CHOICE PROGRAM: Own Choice Program consisting of at least two (2) pieces of different styles and moods.
  • Playing time: maximum 9 minutes. Failure to observe the maximum playing time will result in a mark penalty.
snv draw
Tian Jianan (China)
Sam Thomas (USA)
Jamie Maschler (USA)
Elsa Gourdy (France)
Alicia Baker (USA)
Sergiu Popa (Canada)
Dorin Grama (Germany/Moldova)
Matteo Marinelli (Italy)
Oleksandr Tulinov (Ukraine)
Sergey Lobkov (Russia)
Matteo Petronio (Italy)
Viivi Maria Saarenkyla (Finland)
Giordano Costa (Brazil)
Radu Laxgang (Moldova)
Xuan Shi (China)
snv jury
Kazys Storkus (Lithuania), Crystal Wang (China), Georg Hettmann (Germany), Kimmo Mattila - President of the Jury (Finland),
Mary Tokarski (USA-AAA), Alexander Sevastian (Canada), Bratislav Manasijevic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Jazz Masters Gala Concert
Three versatile and varied Jazz artists performed on the Jazz Masters Gala Concert as part of the 66th Coupe Mondiale Festival.
Winner of the International Competition for Digital Accordion and the Primus Ikaalinen, Cory Pesaturo (C. Pez) is a graduate of the prestigious New England Conservaotry of Music in Boston, MA, where he was the first musician ever to major and graduate in the accordion. Cory has developed his own electronic accordion and already has made the first ever 'skinned accordion' that includes a symetrical midi lighting system attached to the keys.
A leading exponent of Italian Jazz, Renzo Ruggieri has performed all over the world in formations that range from Solo, Duo, Combo to the Renzo Ruggieri Orchestra. He has commissioned significant works and composed theatre music, also cooperating with the Opera Theatre of Rome. In 2009 at the International Accordion Festival of Castelfidardo, he was awarded the Voce D'Oro, which was previously awarded to other famous musicians including Gorni Kramer, Richard Galliano, Astor Piazzolla and Art Van Damme.
Ludovic Beier
French jazz accordionist Ludovic Beier is certainly giving the accordion a new name as his fingers go across the keys in an almost unbelievable way, both swinging and amazingly creative in his imporvisation. Along with his virtuoso performances, he composes and arranges and he has his own band the Ludovic Beier Quartet to perform his 'cool and lilting' French jazz.
to conclude the concert, the three outstanding Jazz musicans joined together for several numbers
Ludovic Beier, Renzo Ruggieri and Cory Pesaturo
Ludovic Beier, Renzo Ruggieri and Cory Pesaturo congratulating each other on a wonderful performance
Ludovic Beier, Renzo Ruggieri and Cory Pesaturo and musicians receiving a standing ovation

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