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Daily reports by Kevin Friedrich (CIA Ambassador)
Festival pictures and videos are provided by Kevin Friedrich, Harley Jones, Carol Yan, Alison Worthington and Graham Laurie.
20 August 2013
Senior Coupe Mondiale, Round I
Tuesday saw the beginning of the prestigious 66th Coupe Mondiale competition. Each candidate must prepare three rounds of competition, with Round I requirements as follows:

The candidate must perform the 2013 Test Round consisting of the following three (3) pieces:

  • Any Baroque work.
  • Own Choice Program: The candidate must select a program consisting of two (2) pieces, one piece to be of a slower, lyrical style* and the other piece to be of a technical virtuosic style**.  At least one (1) of these Own Choice pieces must be an original work for accordion.
     * Examples of the slower, lyrical style: Kalina Krasnaia by Semionov, Romance by Angelis, Vocalise by Rachmaninov, Aria by Bach etc...
     ** Examples of the technical virtuosic style: Caprice by Paganini, a fast Sonata by Scarlatti, Finale of 1st   Sonata by Kusjakov etc...
  • A Single movement from a cyclic works is acceptable, however a maximum of only one movement from any cyclic work will be accepted. Playing time for Round I: maximum 20 minutes. Failure to observe maximum playing time will result in a mark penalty.

Round I music must be played in one sitting and may be played in any order. Candidates will be judged equally on each of the three parts of Round I.

snc draw
augustinas rakauskas
Augustinas Rakauskas, Lithuania
Alexander Kolomiytsev, Russia
ivan filipchyk
Ivan Filipchyk, Belarus
marko sevarlic
Marko Sevarlic, Serbia
christel sautaux
Christel Sautaux, Switzerland
pavel mikhalev
Pavel Mikhalev, Russia
laimonas salijus
Laimonas Salijus, Lithuania
han zhi wang
Han Zhi Wang, China
zi bin jia
Zi Bin Jia, China
nikola pekovic
Nikola Pekovic, Serbia
snc jury
Graham Laurie (United Kingdom), Jacques Mornet (France), Herbert Scheibenreif (Austria), Miljan Bjeletic (Serbia),
Viatcheslav Semionov (Russia), Li Cong (China), Alexander Sevastian (Canada), Dalibor Boijun (Croatia)
and Kazys Storkus (Lithuania) listening to the music in the 66th Coupe Mondiale Round I
snc jury
Graham Laurie (United Kingdom), Dalibor Boijun (Croatia), Jacques Mornet (France), Miljan Bjeletic (Serbia),
Viatcheslav Semionov (Russia) (President of the Jury) Herbert Scheibenreif (Austria),
Alexander Sevastian (Canada), Kazys Storkus (Lithuania) Li Cong (China)
Dress Rehearsal of the World Accordion Orchestra VII
Maureen Jarosh and Joan Cochran Sommers conducted the final dress rehearsal of the World Accordion Orchestra VII in preparation for the Gala evening Concert 'The World Is Here'.
world orchestra
World Accordion Orchestra VII under the direction of Maureen Jarosh
word accordion orchestra
World Accordion Orchestra VII under the direction of Maureen Jarosh
world orchestra
World Accordion Orchestra VII under the direction of Joan Cochran Sommers
world accordion orchestra
World Accordion Orchestra VII under the direction of Joan Cochran Sommers
lionel reekie
Rehearsal of World Accordion Orchestra VII under the direction of Joan Cochran Sommers, Lionel Reekie - Tenor
The World Is Here Gala Concert
world accordion orchestra
For additional pictures and the videos of the performances,
please see the CIA World Accordion Orchestra VII page

Following the very successful inaugural Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes World Accordion Orchestra debut performance at the Coupe Mondiale 2007 under the Musical Direction of Joan C. Sommers, the magnificent staging of the CIA World Accordion Orchestra (WAO) II in Scotland in 2008, WAO III in Auckland, New Zealand, WAO IV in Varaždin, Croatia, WAO V in Shanghai, China, and WAO VI in Spoleto, Italy, the World Accordion Orchestra VII took to the stage for its Gala performance in Victoria, Canada as part of the 66th Coupe Mondiale Festival.
The WAO VII performs two carefully chosen works. The first will be Danse Villageoise by Claude Champagne, arranged and conducted by Maureen Jarosh. The second piece will be Selections from Les Misérables by Claude-Michel Schönberg & Herbert Kretzmer, arranged and conducted by Joan Cochran Sommers. This second piece will also feature the New Zealand tenor, Lionel Reekie, as soloist on one of the pieces. Mr. Reekie has sung this particular piece with several symphony orchestras recently and we are fortunate to have him sing with the WAO VII.

Winners of the BC Accordion Society Accordion Orchestra Competition 'Concertino'

Accordion Ensemble "Concertino" was founded on 18th October 2003. From the beginning this group set itself the goal to revive  classic accordion in Republic of Moldova. Unfortunately, by the vision of our people, accordion was perceived in Moldova as a folk instrument. For this reason, group members have decided to show the public that the accordion can be interpreted not only by popular music, but classical, jazz, world, light music, etc…
The ensemble is made up of six accordionists, bass, violin, piano and percussion, all students and graduates of the Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts of Moldova. In three years "Concertino" managed to stand out thanks to numerous solo concerts in prestigious halls of the capital, such as the "Organ Hall", National Philharmonic "S. Luncheivici", National Opera and Ballet Theatre, National Palace and also in other parts of the country.
Since 2006 the team opened a new page - participation in international competitions. Until present "Concertino" won 12 trophies at  accordion competitions all across  Europe, thus confirming the words of the great master accordionist Richard Galliano, who during a concert called the ensemble "the best team in Europe". In 2007 one of the dreams of group came true: "Concertino" was taken under the aegis of one of the most prestigious concert organizations – "Organ Hall" in Kishinev, where the team is enjoying until now by support of the whole administrative group and especially of director of the hall – Mrs. Larisa Zubcu. A separate part of ensemble´s biography took  concert activity abroad. Touring in Italy, Denmark, Germany, France, Austria, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, Belgium, China, Azerbaijan, Russia, Poland, and Romania the group always let the audience be fascinated and delighted by their skill and temperament. In one of those tours "Concertino" established a friendly relation with great masters of accordion,  Richard Galliano (France)  who later held a concert in Moldova and France, Frank Marocco (USA) who remained extremely impressed by the music of the group, and Coba (Japan).
The repertoire of the group is various and contains different genres of music. "Concertino" performs from classic and romantic to jazz, Piazzolla´s tangos, modern, light and also popular music, collaborating with composers from Moldova and also from abroad. For the future «Concertino» plans to undertake large projects, both solo and in collaboration with artists, bands and composers working in various genres of music, to promote the accordion in all areas.

The audience gave Concertino a standing ovation to acknowledge their outstanding performance
Aczent Duo
cory cory
Aczent Duo - Yasmine and C Pez (Cory Pesaturo)
cory pesaturo
Aczent Duo combines all aspects of music from Dance/House to Gypsy and Classical, into a Live DJ setting, but with real world renowned musicians in their own right. With the capabilities of MIDI, C Pez's revolutionary electric accordion, Yasmine's highly creative and unique compositional skills, and both Yasmine and C Pez's New England Conservatory trained ears, most of the time what you hear is being created spontaneously right on the spot.  
voronezh voronezh
Trio Voronezh
Trio Voronezh's astonishing virtuosity and delightful artistic innovation gives the trio the ability to alter the way audiences experience classical, folk and contemporary repertoire. Discovered playing Bach in a Frankfurt, Germany subway station, Trio Voronezh has since made several tours in the US, and earned audience and critical praise.

Classically trained at the Conservatory in Voronezh, Russia the members Valerie Petrukhin, Vladimir Volokhin (National Champion, All Russian Domra Competition) and Sergei Teleshev formed the trio in 1993 in their native working class city of Voronezh. They play traditional Russian Folk instruments, a double-bass balalaika, (the three-stringed Russian national instrument, with a triangular body made of Fir), a domra (a three-stringed short-necked ancestor of the mandolin) and a bayan accordion.

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