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Friday, October 20th, 2006
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Coupe Mondiale Jury Junior Coupe Mondiale
Tuesday, October 17, 2006 International Competition for Piano Accordion
Wednesday, October 18, 2006 Virtuoso Entertainment Competition
Thursday, October 19, 2006 Junior Virtuoso Entertainment Competition
Friday, October 20, 2006
Saturday, October 21, 2006 2006 Coupe Mondiale Final Results
Junior Coupe Mondiale, Round II

The 18 contestants in the Junior Coupe Mondiale Competition performed in Round II playing an own choice program consisting of two (2) pieces one of which must be an original work for accordion. Individual movements from cyclic works are acceptable. Playing time: minimum 10 minutes to maximum 15 minutes playing time. The playing order for the 18 contestants was as follows:

  • Marko Miletic
  • Yngvild Vivja Haaland Ruud
  • Marko Stojanovic
  • Ines Vas
  • Ozren Grozdanic
  • David Wahlen
  • Stjepan Vugar
  • Andre Natanael
  • Johannes Borregaard
  • Mirko Jetovic
  • Samantha Jarquio
  • Vitaly Pugachev
  • Milan Vidovic
  • Barbara Slawinska
  • Petar Maric
  • Marko Servarlic
  • Aleksandar Taanskovic
  • Nicola Kerkez
International Competition for Chamber Music
Eight Contestants performed in the International Chamber -Ensemble Competititon making it an exciting event. The standard was extremely high overall, and the capacity audience was treated to an array of instrument combinations and selections of repertoire.
Stian AASE (Accordion) Lars RØYSENG (Accordion) - Norway
Jeremie BUIRETTE (Accordion) Francis BUIRETTE (Piano) - France
Carisa MARCELINO (Accordion) Carolina PATRICIO (Flute) - Portugal
Carisa MARCELINO (Accordion) Sérgio NEVES (Clarinet)
Ana Luísa MARQUES (Cello)
Live Berger BREKKE (Accordion) Ida Løvli HIDLE (Accordion) - Norway
Florian WEICHERT (Accordion), Delia ZEILINGER (Accordion)
Eva WALTER (Accordion), Nicole RAUH (Accordion)
Christoph PLASS (Bass Accordion)
Julian FEULNER (Accordion) Johannes DIMMLING (Accordion) - Germany
Julien GONZALES (Accordion) Cyril CARBONNE (Clarinet) - France
2nd Session of the 116th General Assembly
Delegates from Voting and Corresponding members and guests met for the second session of the 116th General Assembly.

Results of the General Elections were announced to the General Assembly with new officers due to begin their duties at the conclusion of the final session of the 116th General Assembly on Saturday.

Executive Officers for the 2006-2010 term are:

President - Kevin Friedrich (USA)
Vice President - Raymond Bodell (United Kingdom)
Vice President - Tibor Racz (Slovakia)
Vice President - Herbert Scheibenreif (Austria)
General Secretary/Treasurer - Kimmo Mattila (Finland)
Public Relations Manager - Harley Jones (Fiji)
Chairman of the Music Committee - Frederic Deschamps (France)
Chairman of the Music Committee - Frederic Deschamps (France)
Vice President - Tibor Racz (Slovakia)
Public Relations Manager - Harley Jones (Fiji)
President - Kevin Friedrich (USA)
General Secretary/Treasurer - Kimmo Mattlia (Finland)
Vice President - Herbert Scheibenreif (Austria)
Vice President - Raymond Bodell (United Kingdom)
Music Committee for 2006-2010

Jörgen Sundeqvist (Sweden)
Frederic Deschamps (Chairperson)
Jacques Mornet (Frane)
Joan C. Sommers (Vice Chairperson)
Harley Jones (Fiji)

absent: Zorica Karakutovska (Macedonia)
absent: Viatcheslav Semionov (Russia)

CIA Delegates and Guests at the second session of the 116th General Assembly
Team USA - Hosts of the 2007 60th Anniversary Coupe Mondiale in the USA
Coupe Mondiale Organizer Faithe Deffner
ATG President Joan C. Sommers
AAA President Linda Soley Reed
Sylvia Prior - USA-AFNA
Guest Nada Vjestica (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
Vojin Vasovic (Serbia)
Coupe Mondiale Poster
Werner Weibert (Austria)
Vjera Odak-Jembrih (Croatia)
Oleg Sharov (Russia) and Tatjana Lauic (Croatia)
Senior Virtuoso Entertainment Competition

The 14 contestants in the Senior Virtuoso Entertainment Competition competed in Round II performin an own choice program consisting of at least two (2) pieces of different styles and moods with a maximum playing time of 9 minutes. The draw for playing order was as follows:

  • Veronika Todorova
  • Solene Normant
  • Bogdan Badiu
  • Julien Gonzales
  • Jean Ribeiro
  • Anne-Marie Kannianinen
  • Cyril Blanchard
  • Matthias Bender
  • Jeremie Buirette
  • Andrea Carmesini
  • Benjamin Durafour
  • Dimitri Saussard
  • Grayson Masefield
  • Benoit Chabod
Anne-Marie Kannianinen (Finland)
Matthias Bender (Germany)
Grayson Masefield (New Zealand)
Benoit Chabod (France)
Julien Gonzales (top) and Jean Rebiero (France)
Jeremie Buirette (France)
Andrea Carmesini (Italy)
Norwegian Night at the Hotel
Norwegian Night at the Scandic Asker Hotel
Coupe Mondiale Organizer Lars Arnevig enjoying some dancing at Norwegian Night
Pauline Noon, Graham Laurie
and Gina Brannelli (UK)
Sirpa Sippola and Minna Plihtari (Finland)
Jon Knoff with daughter Cassandra
and CIA President Kevin Friedrich
CIA Public Relations Manager Harley Jones and sister Heather Masefield (New Zealand delegate)
President of the American Accordionists Association (AAA) Linda Soley Reed with Gunther Zeilinger
Amber Masefield and mother
Heather Masefield (New Zealand)
Gintare Akstinaviciute (Lithuania)
and Renzo Ruggiero (Italy)

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