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Contestants - Junior Virtuoso Entertainment Competition
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Tuesday, October 17, 2006 International Competition for Piano Accordion
Wednesday, October 18, 2006 Virtuoso Entertainment Competition
Thursday, October 19, 2006 Junior Virtuoso Entertainment Competition
Friday, October 20, 2006
Saturday, October 21, 2006 2006 Coupe Mondiale Final Results
Contestants - Junior Virtuoso Entertainment Competition, 2006
01. Julie SCHADE
Round I
A Joss by André Astier/Claude Thomain (4:00 minutes)
Polka Satellite by André Astier/Yvette Horner (2:00 minutes)

Round II
Song for Joss by Alain Musichini/Richard Galliano (3:00 minutes)
Nervioso by Armand Lassagne/Fabien Packo (2:00 minutes)
L'Oiseau Mouche by Joe Rossi/P. Basseli (2:00 minutes)
02. Madeline ALANIC
Round I
Comic 2000 by A. Lassagne
Etude by Franck Angelis

Round II
Orfeo Negro arr. by N. Massoutier
Melodie and Mazurka du Diable by M. Ferrer
03. Jérémy DEHIER
Round I
Medley musique Française arranged by Phil Bouvier (4.00 minutes)
Tendre Mystère by Phil Bouvier (2.30 minutes)

Round II
Pique Pocket by Alain Musichini (2.30 minutes)
Besame Mucho arranged by Phil Bouvier (3.30 minutes
04. Kevin LEGRAND
Round I
Rag Musette by M. Larcange (2:50 minutes)
Theme Russe et Variations - Traditional (4:10 minutes)

Round II
La Migliavacha arranged by Eric Bouvelle (2:50 minutes)
Feu Vert by M. Azzolla (3:10 minutes)
05. Kevin MONNIER
Round I
Meddely de Valses by J. Richard (3:20 minutes)
Puching Ball by Larcange/Bouvelle (2:50 minutes)

Round II
L'oiseau Mouche by Rossi/Baselli (3:10 minutes)
Mr Ferrero by Larcange/Bouvelle (3:15 minutes)
06. Benoit NORTIER Round I
Meddley sur des compositions de J. Brel by Jérôme Richard (3:10 minutes)
Théme et Variation Russe by Trad. (4:45 minutes)

Round II
Meddely de Valses by Jérôme Richard (2:50 minutes)
Corail Express by Alain Musichini (3:00 minutes)
07. Thibault TEPPAZ Round I
Medley of Musique de Film, arranged by Phil Bouvier (4:30 minutes)
Tendre Mystère by Phil Bouvier (2:30 minutes)

Round II
Tanguango by Phil Bouvier (4:00 minutes)
La Tempète by André Astier (2:30 minutes)
08. Florent THEAULT Round I
Puzzle Polka by J. Rossi - A. Lassagne (3:20 minutes)
Satanick Mazurka by M. Larcange - Eric Bouvelle (2:50 minutes)

Round II
La Vicieuse by Eric Bouvelle (2:50 minutes)
Rag Musette by A. Loppe (2:30 minutes)
09. Gaelle VINCKIER Round I
D'après Laurette by Franck Angélis (4:00 minutes)
Heavy Tango by R.Galliano, arr. J. Richard (3:00 minutes)

Round II
La Valse à Margaux by R. Galliano, arr. F. Deschamps (3:30 minutes)
La Sauterolle by J. Baselli and A. Roques (3:00 minutes)
10. Sarah VONAU Round I
Violentango by Astor Piazzolla arranged by Vladimir BALIK (3:35 minutes)
Soir de Dispute by Gus Viseur arranged by Marcel Loeffler (2:30 minutes)
Sarah's Blues by Sarah Vonau (2:35 minutes)

Round II
Grain de Fantasie by Jérôme Richard (2:15 minutes)
El Universo de Astor by Astor Piazzolla, arranged by Serge Vonau (4:00 minutes)
Souvenir de… by Gabriel Veit (3:00 minutes)
11. Aldo CUPUA Round I
Coco mazurka by Joao Frade (2:05 minutes)
Aquilone by A. Astier/J. Maller (3:09 minutes)
Reginella by G. Lama and G. Pica (2:48 minutes)

Round II
Strategie Musette by J. Richard (2:15 minutes)
Romagna Nova by R. Casadei (3:35 minutes)
Sprite by G. Pica (1:44 minutes)
12. Mario D'AMARIO Round I
Spain by Chick Corea, arr. Renzo Ruggieri (4:38 minutes)
Chico Polka by Jean Marc Torchy and Eric Comere (1:43 minutes)

Round II
Donna Lee by Charlie Parker, arr. Renzo Ruggieri (2:25 minutes)
Tico Tico by Zequinha Abreu, arr. Renzo Ruggieri (4.30 minutes)
13. Vitali PUGACHEV Round I
Figaro`s Cavatine by Rossini, arr. A. Dmitriev (3:35 minutes)
Variations on a Ukrainian Theme by Kasakov (4:35 minutes)

Round II
Voronezh Cowboy by V. Chernikov (2:30 minutes)
Basso Ostinato by V. Vlasov (3:19 minutes)
Flight of the Bumble Bee by Rimsky-Korsakov (2:00 minutes)
14. Sammy THOMAS Round I
Rhumba Cubani by (4:30 minutes)
Accordion Steeple by (2:30 minutes)

Round II
Libertango by Astor Piazzolla (2:15 minutes)
Power Play by (1:30 minutes)
Lover by (3:15 minutes)

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