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  • There is no limit of numbers of candidates from each country.
  • Candidates up to 32 years of age are allowed to enter the competition - year of birth, born 1986 or later.
  • All entrants are required to provide proof of age and nationality (Passport) when they register at the Coupe Mondiale.
  • This category is for ONE (1) performer only.
  • For full eligibility, please see General Information and Conditions.
  • All programs are subject to approval by the CIA Music Committee.
  • INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION FOR ACCORDION SOLOISTS (COUPE MONDIALE) 2016. There will be three (3) rounds. Each candidate must include a polyphonic (contrapuntal) work in Round III of their program. The candidate may select in Round I "Any type of Baroque work".
Round I - Test Round Section

The candidate must perform a Test Round consisting of the following three (3) pieces:

  • Any Baroque work.
  • Own Choice Program: The candidate must select a program consisting of two (2) pieces, one piece to be of a slower, lyrical style and the other piece to be of a technical virtuosic style.  At least one (1) of these Own Choice pieces must be an original work for accordion.
  • A Single movement from a cyclic works is acceptable, however a maximum of only one movement from any cyclic work will be accepted. Playing time for Round I: maximum 20 minutes.

Round I music must be played in one sitting and may be played in any order.

Round II - Complete Original Work
  • One complete original work for the accordion.
Round III - Own Choice Program
  • Own Choice program consisting of three (3) or more pieces of different style and character.
  • A minimum of two (2) different composers
  • A Polyphonic (contrapuntal) work must be included in this round.
  • Playing time: a suggested minimum 20 minutes to maximum 30 minutes.
  • Cash Prizes to be announced.
  • All candidates will receive a Diploma of Participation.
  • National member associations are requested to offer concerts or a tour for the 1st Prize Winners.
  • All winners must be present in person at the Awards Ceremony in appropriate attire suitable for press coverage and publicity appearances. In case of absence, the prize may be accepted by a delegate of their country or the Diplomas will be mailed by the Secretariat.

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