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Welcome to Kaunas! Please find information on travel options to Kaunas as well as Hotels in the area and reccomendations for dining while attending at the festival.

While there are many dining options in Kaunas, the following Restaurants are available during the festival to cater to attendees.

  • Restaurant "Partitūra" E.Ožeškienės 12 / L. Sapiegos 5, at the Competition venue, the home of the Kaunas Philharmonic is available during the festival
  • Restaurant "Miesto sodas"
    Laisvės al., 93, Kaunas (300 metres from competition place)
    Day lunch special price for competition participants  4€ - 4,50€

Kaunas is easily accessable with convenient planes, buses and trains offering connections to many major destinations.

Direct flights are available, with budget airfares available from carriers such as Ryan Air:


Ryan Air and other airlines offer service from Rimini, London, Copenhagen, Edinburg, Barselona and more, while flights are also available to Vilnius from Athens, Berlin,Brussel, Frankfurt, Malta, Milano, Oslo, Paris, Roma etc..

For bus schedules, please visit:


Bus service is available from all across Europe to major destinations including Moscow, Minsk, Berlin, Tallin, Ryga, Warsawa, Poznan, St. Peterburg. Prices are very reasonable, including for example Kaunas – Warsawa – (18 Euro) and Kaunas – Moscow (25 Euro).

For travel by train, please visit:


with service from cities such as Moscow, Minsk and Kaliningrad.

Best Western Santakos Hotel

The Main Competition Hotel for the 71st Coupe Mondiale is the Best Western Santakos Hotel, where the CIA Executive and members of the International Jury will be housed. Opened in December 1995, the Best Western Santakos Hotel is located at the cross roads of the Old Town and the City Centre of Kaunas. For long-term working experience and exclusive attention to its guests' needs, Best Western Santakos Hotel in Kaunas was awarded as the ‘The Most Successful Tourist Project of 2005’ by the State Department of Tourism at the Ministry of Economy of Lithuania.
Best Western Santakos Hotel (approx. 500 meters from Competition venue)
J. Gruodžio g. 21, LT–44293 Kaunas, Lithuania
Tel: +370 37 302702, 302701 and Fax: +370 37 302700
Special prices for all accordionisnts. When making your reservation, please mention “Coupe Mondiale”.

  • Single room (with breakfast) 45,00 EUR
  • Double/twin room (with breakfast) 52,00 EUR
  • Triple room (with breakfast) 64,00 EUR
Hotel Kaunas

Hotel Kaunas **** (approx. 500 meters from Competition venue)

Laisves av. 79
LT-44297 Kaunas, Lithuania
Telephone: (+370 37) 750 850
Fax: (+370 37) 750 851

Special prices for all accordionisnts. When making reservation, please mention “Coupe Mondiale”.

  • Single room (with breakfast) – 49 EUR
  • Double room (with breakfast) – 58 EUR
  • Triple room (with breakfast) – 70 EUR
  • Lunch for one person – 8 EUR
  • Dinner for one person – 10 EUR
Hotel Kaunas City Hotel

Hotel Kaunas City Hotel *** (located 300 metres from the Concert Hall)

  • Single room (with breakfast) – 33 EUR
  • Double room (with breakfast) – 38 EUR
Hotel Sportas

Hotel “Sportas“
Address: Aušros str. 42A, LT-44158 Kaunas
Tel.+370 37 796932
Fax: +370 37 796639

  • Double room (without breakfast) – 20 EUR
  • Triple room (without breakfast) – 22 EUR
  • Quadruple room (without breakfast) – 29 EUR
Hotel Metropolis

Hotel Metropolis **

  • Single room (without breakfast) – 23 EUR;
  • Double room (without breakfast) – 30 EUR
  • Triple room (without breakfast) – 43 EUR
  • Quadruple room (without breakfast) – 50 EUR
  • Single room (with breakfast) – 28 EUR
  • Double room (with breakfast) – 40 EUR
  • Triple room (with breakfast) – 46 EUR
  • Quadruple room (with breakfast) – 58 EUR

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