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and Graham Laurie
Own Choice Program
  • For two (2) to five (5) musicians, minimum one accordion (e.g., can be multiple accordions, or accordions with other instruments).
  • Ensemble Music competition is for acoustic instruments (no electronics). All accordions must be acoustic reed instruments. No MIDI accordions are allowed. One bass accordion may be amplified; however, the candidate must provide their own amplifier.
  • Own Choice Program of concert music consisting of at least two (2) pieces with contrasting style.
  • The competition organizers will not provide instruments other than a piano tuned to A 442.
  • Playing time: minimum 15 minutes to maximum 20 minutes playing time. Failure to observe minimum or maximum playing time will result in a mark penalty.
  • Marking will take into consideration program choice, level of playing and ensemble work.

Les Cascadeurs
Bernd Kohlhofer (Accordion)
Leitner Michael (Violin)

Own Choice Program
La Tempête by A. Astier
1661 by Les Cascadeurs
Fou Rire by R. Galliano
Tohuwabohu, arr. Les Cascadeurs

Kirill Evseev (Accordion)
Kseniia Evseeva (Accordion)
Mikhail Krylov (Balalayka)
Dmitrii Gogolev (Domra)
Daria Chernykh (Balalayka)

Own Choice Program
Concert for Chamber Orchestra (Mov. I) by J. Rääts
Kamlaniy Altai Melody by J. Kramar
Adiós Noniño by A. Piazzolla
New Born Of Mountain King by R. Lvovich - Esse-Quintet

Eugeniu Negruta (Accordion)
Mihai Grosu (Accordion)
Catalin Hioara (Accordion)
Vladimir Leca (Accordion)
Anton Hohotov (Bass)

Own Choice Program
Symphony No. 4 “Italiana” Op. 90, (Finale Presto) by F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy
La Muerte del Angel by A. Piazzolla
Omaggio Ad Astor Piazzolla, Part I by V. Zubitsky

04. Krasnoyarsk-Duet
Nikita Syrchin (Accordion)
Vladimir Anikin (Accordion)
Own Choice Program
Voice Of Spring. Waltz by J. Strauss, arr. I. Yashkevich
Summer (from The Seasons) by A. Vivaldi
Lezghinka from Ballet by A. Khachaturian

05. Perfect Storm
Xiaonan Xu (Accordion)
Zujian Shang (Erhu)

Own Choice Program
La Tempête by A. Astier
Czardas by V. Monti
The Flight of the Bumble-Bee by N. Rimsky -Korsakov
Oblivion by A. Piazzolla
Horseracing by H. Haihuai

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