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Pictures provided by Kevin Friedrich, Harley Jones, Li Cong, Alison Worthington,
Gianluca Bibiani
and Graham Laurie
Schedule of Events for Tuesday, 21 August 2012
 10.00 - 12.30  Registration (Contestants and Jury) (Opera House)
 09.00 - 10.30  Meeting of CIA Executive Committee (Hotel Clitunno)
 11.00 - 12.30  Meeting of CIA Music Committee (Hotel Clitunno)

 Conference "Music and Culture: Organizational Challenges"

  • Prof. Antonio Corsi, President of the "Tavolo Nazionale for the promotion of Popular Music and Amateur Musicians".
 14.00 - 16.30  128th General Assembly - Opening Session for CIA Members (Hotel Clitunno)
          - CIA Executive Committee
          - CIA Music Committee
          - CIA Premiere and Voting Members
          - CIA Corresponding Members
 14.30 - 17.00  Registration (Contestants and Jury) (Opera House)
 17.00  Contestant Draw for Playing Order (Opera House - Teatro Nuovo)

 Opening Ceremony Concert and Piazzolla Music Award
   (Opera House - Teatro Nuovo)

  • “GIULIANA SOSCIA & PINO JODICE" - Accordion and Piano duo, taking a fascinating voyage through the rhythms of Tango, while offering a Jazz rendering of some compositions by Astor Piazzolla.

  • “PETER SOAVE QUARTET” - concert accordion and bandoneon – music of Astor Piazzolla: Aldo Pagani decided to bring together a group of excellent musicians and friends to celebrate the music of the legendary Maestro Astor Piazzolla in memory of the 20th anniversary of his passing away on 4th July 1992. A tribute to Piazzolla by his closest collaborators and friends, featuring Peter Soave, winner of CIA Coupe Mondiale in 1984.

  • "Astor Piazzolla Music Award" "Aldo Pagani Editore", in the name of Aldo Pagani, producer, publisher and friend of Astor Piazzolla for more than twenty five years, will award this annual International Prize, established in 1993, dedicated to the great Argentine Composer.

  • “CORO ASSOCIAZIONE CULTURALE BISSE” - The "Bisse" Association Choir conducted by M° Claudio Scarabottini, based in Spoleto, will introduce the audience to the popular traditions of the World through music.

The CIA Executive Committee met prior to the CIA General Assembly to discuss items pertaining to the CIA.
Above left: Harley Jones (Public Relations), Tibor Racz (Vice President), Kimmo Mattila (General Secretary)
Above right: Raymond Bodell (President), Frederic Deschamps (Chair of the Music Committee), Harley Jones and Tibor Racz
Above left: Kimmo Mattila (General Secretary) and Kevin Friedrich (Ambassador)
Above right:Joan C. Sommers (Vice President), Herbert Scheibenreif (Vice President), Raymond Bodell & Frederic Deschamps

CIA President Raymond Bodell welcomed the International Delegates to the 128th General Assembly being held in Spoleto, Italy.

Items included Apologies for Non-attendance, approval of Proxies, Minutes of the 127th General Assembly, Reports of the President, General Secretary/Treasurer and Public Relations Manager. Discussions included the Coupe Mondiale 2012 and future activities including a new offers to host the Coupe Mondiale through to 2021 and hosting applications for the Winter Congress. Other items for discussion during the meetings include CIA Membership affairs, Awards, financial affairs and General International Business
CIA Executive Committee Members CIA Music Committee Members
United Kingdom - Raymond Bodell
France - Frédéric Deschamps (Chairperson)
Slovakia - Tibor Racz (Vice President) Russia - Viatcheslav Semionov (Vice Chairperson)
Austria - Herbert Scheibenreif (Vice President)
China - Li Cong (Member)
USA - Joan C. Sommers (Vice Chairperson) New Zealand - Grayson Masefield (Member)
Finland - Kimmo Mattila (General Secretary) Serbia - Voijin Vasovic (Member)
New Zealand - Harley Jones (Public Relations Manager) Germany - Andreas Nebl (Member) - absent
France - Frédéric Deschamps (Music Committee Chair) CIA Honorary Vice President
USA - Kevin Friedrich (CIA Ambassador)
Italy - Mirco Patarini (2012 Honorary Vice President)

Austria - Harmonika Verband Österreichs (HVÖ)
Werner Weibert
Verena Tazer
Horst Tanzer
Jacob Noordzij
Bosnia and Herzegovina - Muzicka Akademija Istocno Sarajevo
Zoran Rakic
Danijela Rakic
Danijela Gazdic
Brazil: Associação dos Acordeonistas do Brasil (AAB)
Lauro Valerio
Canada - British Columbia Accordion Society
Jelena Milejovic
Alexandar Milejovic
China - Accordion Association of Chinese Musicians Association (CAA)
Crystal Wang
Li Cong
France - l’Association Des Professeurs Hohner (APH)
Frédéric Deschamps

Finland - Suomen Harmonikkaliitto (SHL)
Minna Plihtari
Aino Ojakoski
Ville Mattila

Germany - Deutscher Harmonika-Verband e.V. (DHV)
Gerog Hettmann
Hedy Stark Fussnegger
Italy - Italian Accordion Culture (IAC)
Federica Celesti
Gianluca Bibiani
Ilaria Bellini
Antonio Spaccarotella
Lithuainia: Kaunas Accordion Society (KAS)
Mindaugas Labanauskas
Kazys Stonkus
New Zealand - New Zealand Accordion Association (NZAA)
Sonia Palinich
Maurice Jones
Grayson Masefield
Heather Masefield
Norway - Norske Trekkspilleres Landsforbund (NTL)
Tore Oedegaard
Tone Hundere
Roar Hensvold
Toril Dyrhovdd
Russia - Interregional Association of Bayanists and Accordoinists
Alexandr Petrosyan
Viatcheslav Semionov
Russia - Russian Alliance of Harmonica and Accordion Performers (RAHAP)
Alexander Selivanov
Yulia Amerikova
Rafgat Altinbaev
Serbia - Belgrade Accordion Association (BAA)
Alexander Nikolic
Serbia - Department of Accordion at Faculty of Philology and Art in Kragujevac (FILUM)
Vojin Vasovic
Snezana Vlastic
Serbia - Faculty of Arts of the University of Niš
Miljan Bjeletic
Slovakia - Methodical Centre of Accordion "Marta Szokeova" (MCA)
Tibor Racz
Sweden - Sveriges Dragspelares Riksförbund
Jörgen Sundeqvist
United Kingdom - National Accordion Organisation of the United Kingdom (NAO)
Anna Bodell
Ken Farran
Wendy Farran
Alison Worthington
USA - American Accordionists’ Association (AAA)
Mary Tokarski
USA - Accordionists and Teachers Guild, International (ATG)
Joan Cochran Sommers
Proxy Votes
Australia - Australian Society of Accordionists (ASA)
Elizabeth Jones
Proxy assigned to Harley Jones - New Zealand Accordion Association (NZAA)
Apologies for Non-attendance
Australia - Australian Society of Accordionists (ASA)
Elizabeth Jones
Brazil: Associação dos Acordeonistas do Brasil (AAB)
Lauro Valerio
Lithuania: Lithuanian Accordion Association
Raimondas Sviackevicius
Portugal - Conservatorio Regional de Castelo Branco (CRCB)
Paulo Jorge Ferreira
Macedonia - Ljubiteli na Klasicnata Muzika in Skopje
Zorica Karakutovska
Above: Executive Committee Members:
Tibor Racz, Herbert Scheibenreif, Kimmo Mattila, Raymond Bodell, Frederic Deschamps,
Harley Jones, Joan Sommers and Kevin Friedrich
Above: Delegates at the 128th General Assembly
Above: Federica Celesti addressing the General Assembly
Above: Delegates at the 128th General Assembly

65th Coupe Mondiale Intl. Competition for Virtuoso Entertainment Music

Viatcheslav Semionov (Russia)
President of the Jury
Li Cong (China)
Kazys Stonkus (Lithuania)
Grayson Masefield (New Zealand)
Jacques Mornet (France)
Zoran Rakic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Herbert Scheibenreif (Austria)
Vojin Vasovic (Serbia)
Corrado Rojac (Italy)

Kimmo Mattila (Finland)
President of the Jury
Yulia Amerikova (Russia)
Li Cong (China)
Graham Laurie (United Kingdom)
Grayson Masefield (New Zealand)
Jelena Milojevic (Canada)
Oswaldinho De Almeida e Silva (Brazil)
Kazys Stonkus (Lithuania)
Antonio Spaccarotella (Italy)

International Competition for Ensemble Music Junior Coupe Mondiale
Frederic Deschamps (France)
President of the Jury
Vladimir Mandic (Serbia)
Alexander Milojevic (Canada)
Tibor Racz (Slovakia)
Viatcheslav Semionov (Russia)
Mary Tokarski (USA)
Jorgen Sundeqvist (Sweden)
Werner Weibert (Austria)
Marco Gatti (Italy)

Joan Sommers (USA)
President of the Jury
Predrag Kostovic (Serbia)
Graham Laurie (United Kingdom)
Alexander Milojevic (Canada)
Tibor Racz (Slovakia)
Alexander Selivanov (Russia)
Mindaugas Labanauskas (Lithuania)
Werner Weibert (Austria)
Ivano Battison (Italy)

Jr. Intl. Competition for Virtuoso Entertainment Music Masters Coupe Mondiale
Tibor Racz (Slovakia)
President of the Jury
Graham Laurie (United Kingdom)
Oswaldinho De Almeida e Silva (Brazil)
Kazys Stonkus (Lithuania)
Jorgen Sundeqvist (Sweden)
Snezana Vlastic (Serbia)
Crystal Wang (China)
Werner Weibert (Austria)
Antonio Spaccarotella (Italy)
Herbert Scheibenreif (Austria)
President of the Jury
Miljan Bjeletic (Servbia)
Li Cong (China)
Alexander Dmitriev (Russia)
Danijla Gadic (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
Grayson Masefield (New Zealand)
Ruedi Marty (Switzerland)
Mary Tokarski (USA)
Corrado Rojac (Italy)
Intl. Competition for Digital Accordion Original Music Award
Kimmo Mattila (Finland)
President of the Jury
Yulia Amerikova (Russia)
Li Cong (China)
Graham Laurie (United Kingdom)
Grayson Masefield (New Zealand)
Jelena Milojevic (Canada)
Oswaldinho De Almeida e Silva (Brazil)
Mary Tokarski (USA)
Antonio Spaccarotella (Italy)
No compositions submitted this year

Contestants in the seven categories of International Competition gathered at the Opera House in Spoleto to make the draw for playing order. The impressive system designed by Ville Mattila enables candidates to scan in their name badges and drawn place, so that the final playing order is kept updated in real time.
Contestants and Delegates at the Opera House
Above: Making the draw for the Coupe Mondiale competitions
Above: As members of the CIA Executive pass behind the draw screen, the lights produced these silhouettes
of Harley Jones (Public Relations Manager - left) and Raymond Bodell (President - right)
Contestants in the 65th Coupe Mondiale
Contestants in the Junior Coupe Mondiale
Contestants in the Masters Coupe Mondiale
Contestants in the Junior International Competition for Virtuoso Entertainment Music
Top left: Contestants in the International Competition for Virtuoso Entertainment Music
Lower left: Contestants in the International Competition for Digital Accordion
Above right: Contestants gathering in the Opera House

The Opening Concert of the 65th Coupe Mondiale took place in the beautiful Opera House of Spoleto. Coupe Mondiale Artistic director Mirco Patarini welcomed visiting dignitaries and guests to the first musical event of the festival.
The "Bisse" Association Choir (Spoleto) conducted by M° Claudio Scarabottini
The "Bisse" Association Choir (Spoleto) conducted by M° Claudio Scarabottini
performed in near darkness as the hall lights and spotlights malfunctioned
Accordionist Stefano Santoni performing with the Bisse Association Choir (Spoleto)
CIA President Raymond Bodell making his Welcome Speech
 pictured with Artistic Director Mirco Patarini and Concert Host Chiara Magna
Giuliana Soscia and Pino Jodice (Accordion and Piano duo)
Giuliana Soscia and Pino Jodice (Accordion and Piano duo)
Accordion Ensemble 'Concertino' (Moldova) receiving the Piazzolla Award from the acting Mayor Stefano Lisci
Accordion Ensemble 'Concertino' (Moldova)
Accordion Ensemble 'Concertino' (Moldova)
Above and below: The 17th of September Hall in the Opera House was the venue for the Gala Reception
Above right: Raymond Bodell (CIA President) and Federica Celesti (IAC Organising Team)

Delegates and Guests enjoying the Welcome Reception
Above left: Viatcheslav Semionov (Russia), Kevin Friedrich (USA), Antonio Spaccarotella (Italy), Aino Ojakoski,
Kimmo Mattila, Minna Plihtari and Ville Mattila (Finland), Alison Worthington (New Zealand)
Above right: Alison Worthington (New Zealand), Elke Ahrenholz (Italy), Mary Tokarski (USA),
Heather Masefield (New Zealand), Joan Cochran Sommers (USA)

Grayson Masefield (New Zealand), Crystal Wang and Li Cong (China)
talking with a member of the Concertino Ensemble
Above right: Mirco Patarini (Italy), Lauro Valerio (Brazil), Harley Jones (Public Relations Manager),
Herbert Scheibenreif (Vice President)

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