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Tuesday, October 25, 2005 Competitors in International Competition for Piano Accordion
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Thursday, October 27, 2005Competitors in Junior Virtuoso Entertainment Competition
Friday, October 28, 2005
Saturday, October 29, 20052005 Coupe Mondiale Final Results
Contestants - Junior Virtuoso Entertainment Music Competition, 2005
Nationality: FRANCE

Round I
Pondichery Tango by Jérôme Richard/Jean François Rossi (2.50 minutes)
Rassypucha by Victor F. Gridjin (4.10 minutes)

Round II
Paris Sacré Coeur by E. Bouvelle, arranged by Phil Bouvier (2.10 minutes)
Chorinho Pra Ele by H. Pascoal (2.20 minutes)
Le cousin du Canada by M. Larcange/A. Lassagne, arr. by J. Richard (2.40 minutes)

Nationality: FRANCE
Round I
Trash Mazurka by Mickael Vigneau (2 minutes)
Tango Pour Claude by Richard Galliano, arr. by Jérôme Richard (4.30 minutes)

Round II
Blow Up by M. Portal, arr. by Jérôme Richard (2 minutes)
Hungarian Dance N°5 by J. Brahms (4 minutes)

3.Isabelle GUERIN
Nationality: France
Round I
Basso Ostinato (V.Vlasov)
Accordéon Prestige (E. Bouvelle / C. Barbottin)

Round II
Medley de Valses by Nicolas Massoutie (3 minutes)
Les Olivettes by Claude Thomain, arranged by Isabelle Guérin
Frénésie Tzigane by Sébastien Farges

4.Pierre-Jean LEY
Nationality: France

withdrawn from competition
Round I
Notes Vagabondes by C. Thomain, arranged by A. Nöel (3.08 minutes)
Infernale Polka by E. Bouvelle/M. Azzola (3.15 minutes)

Round II
Caribe by M. Camillo, arranged by Guy Giuliano (4.05 minutes)
Medley de Mazurka by A Nöel/N. Massoutie/J. Frade/J. Giuliano (2.30 minutes)

5.Estelle SAUVAIN
Nationality: France
Round I
Nostalgie d'Automne by A. Astier (3 minutes)
Preparense by A. Piazzolla arranged by N. Massoutie (3 minutes)

Round II
Haute Voltige by Jérôme Richad/Frédéric Deschamps (2 minutes)
One More Time arranged by Gianluca Pica (3 minutes)
Mister Clifton by Richard Galliano (2 minutes)

Nationality: France
Round I
La Valse a Margaux by Richard Galliano (3.30 minutes)
Heavy Tango by Richard Galliano (3.50 minutes)

Round II
La Vicieuse by Eric Bouvelle/Didier Roussin (2.35 minutes)
D'Apres Laurette by Franck Angelis (4.30 minutes)

7.Sarah VONAU
Nationality: France

withdrawn from competition
Round I
Killing Me Softly/Sunny arranged by M. Loeffler (4.30 minutes)
Medley of Waltzes of Gustave Viseur by G. Viseur, arranged by S. Vonau (3 minutes)

Round II
Violentango by Astor Piazzolla (3.20 minutes)
Soir de Dispute by by G. Viseur, arranged by S. Vonau (2.25 minutes)
Sarah's Blues by Sarah Vonau (2.10 minutes)

8.Antonio MANCINI
Nationality: ITALY
Round I
Stratègie Musette by Jérôme Richard (2.10 minutes)
Solenzara Samba Portoguese arranged by Jean Luca Pica (2.50 minutes)
Sprite by Jean Luca Pica (1:15 minutes)

Round II
Coco Mazurka by Joao Frade ( 1:50 minutes )
Torna a Surriento by De Curtis arranged by Jean Luca Pica (2.50 minutes)
L'Aquilon - Averse by A. Astier/Ferrero (3:50 minutes)

Nationality: New Zealand
Round I
Promised Land/Reet Petite arr. by Jones/Masefield (3.20 minutes)
Hungarian Dance No5/Czardas by Brahms/Monti arr. Masefield/Jones (3.10 minutes)

Round II
Bohemian Rhapsody by Freddy Mercury, arranged by Grayson Masefield (5 minutes)
La Cumparsita by Rodriguez, arranged by Grayson Masefield (1.30 minutes)

Nationality: Portugal
Round I
Toboggan Rag by André Astier/Joè Rossi (2.45 minutes)
Do Arco da Velha by Hermenegildo Guerreiro (1.32 minutes)
A Valsadela by João Frade (2.08 minutes)

Round II
La Sauterolle by J. Baselli/A. Roques (2.15 minutes)
Noitinhas by Eugénia Lima (2 minutes)
Espalha Brasas by Hermenegildo Guerreiro (2.20 minutes)

11.Amaia IRAOLA
Nationality: Spain
Round I
Vals à Margaux by Richard Galliano (3 minutes)
Libertango by Astor Piazzolla (4 minutes)

Round II
Song for Joss by Alain Musichini/Richard Galliano (3 minutes)
Papi s'Amuse by Torchy (3 minutes)

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