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Tuesday, October 25, 2005 Competitors in International Competition for Piano Accordion
Wednesday, October 26, 2005Competitors in Virtuoso Entertainment Competition
Thursday, October 27, 2005Competitors in Junior Virtuoso Entertainment Competition
Friday, October 28, 2005
Saturday, October 29, 20052005 Coupe Mondiale Final Results

The following 10 finalists in the Junior Coupe Mondiale performed their Own Chocie Program: two (2) pieces must be played which must include one original work for accordion. Individual movements from cyclic works are acceptable.

Ines VAZ, Portugal
Jelena BRANKOVIC, Serbia and Montenegro
Dimitri BOUCHLIER, France
Aleksander KOLOVSKI, Macedonia
Marco DRAZIC, Serbia and Montenegro
Ozren GROZDANIC, Croatia
Mia COJBASIC, Croatia
Miadrag DJORDJEVIC, Serbia and Montenegro
Marko MILETIC, Serbia and Montenegro
Milovan CIKIC, Serbia and Montenegro


Out of the five entries received for the Chamber Music category, only one group arrived to compete.

Tragedy struck both of the home country entries from Portugal, with one group having one of the players in hospital having their apendix removed, and the other, more tragically, had one member involved in a fatal car accident. The accident left one of the performers from the second Portuguese Chamber group in a coma for several days, while the same accident claimed the life of her close friend.

CAPRICE from Russia

Valerii MIRONOV (Bayan)
Natalia MISCHENKO (Domra Piccola)
Olga KOLESNIKOVA (Domra Alto)
Mikhail SHERSTIN (Balalaika Bass)
Roman KONOVALOV (Percussion)


  • Overture to the opera" Magic Flute"
    by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Gogol Suite "The Revisionist's Tale", parts 2, 4 and 5 by Alfred Schnitke
  • "Russian" from the ballet "Petrushka" by Igor Stravinsky
Jury for the International Competition for Chamber Music
John Leslie (UK), Geanluca Pica (Italy), Frederic Deschamps (France), Joan C. Sommers (Chairperson of the Jury - USA), Vojin Vasovic (Serbia & Montenegro), Andreas Nebl (Germany), Mika Vayrynen (Finland), Zorica Karkutovska (Macedonia) Aitor Furundarena Usabiaga (Spain), Alexander Dmitirew (Russia), Paulo Jorge Ferreira (Portugal)
Each of the contestants of the Junior Virtuoso Entertainment performed to a standing room only audience at the Civil Governors Center.

Appreciating the wide variety of musical programs, the audience applauded each of the candidates with great enthusiasm.

Here French contestant Julien Gonzales (left) peforms, as the International Jury (shown in the mirror reflection) listened intently.

Portuguese candidate Fabio GUERREIRO is pictured right.


Felicien BRUT (France)
Stephane BELLEVILLE (France)
Ligia CIPRIANO (Portugal)
Jeremy BUIRETTE (France)
Miroslaw TYBORA (Poland)
Guy GUILIANO (France)
Mickael VIGNEAU (France)
Dimitri SAUSSARD (France)
Julia COLLIN (France)
Lilian Berben (France)
Alexander SHIRUNOV (Russia)
Benjamin DURAFOUR (France)
Robert Thorn (UK)
Solene NORMANT (France)
Jean RIBEIRO (France)
Cedric GRITTI (France)

Some of the Contestants from the Senior Virtuoso Entertainment Competition competing in Round II.
Robert THORN (UK)
Jean RIBEIRO (France)
Lilian BERBEN (France)
Alexander SHIRUNOV (Russia)
As a novel way of promoting the 2005 Coupe Mondiale in Castelo Branco, organizer Carlos Semedo had employees of one of the official Coupe Mondiale Restaurants 'Espito' pose with an accordion, and then had the pictures diplayed for patrons to see. All of the staff, including the cook took part in this promotion.

Place mats in this (and many other restaurants in Castelo Branco) used Coupe Mondiale placemats advertising the event. Pictured below are Espito staff members, as well as CIA delegates Faithe Deffner (USA) and Heather Masefield (New Zealand) admiring the picutres before dinner.

President Ove Hahn, Sweden
1980 - Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
Werner GLUTSCH, Germany
1981 - Kansas City, USA
Alain MUSICHINI, France
1982 - Hamburg, GERMANY
1983 - Linz, AUSTRIA
Jean-Luc MANCA, France
1984 - Folkstone, ENGLAND
1985 - Paris, FRANCE
Jean-Marc MARRONI, France
1986 - Bialystok, POLAND
1987 - Arnheim, HOLLAND
Christine ROSSI, Monaco
1988 - Trossingen, GERMANY
Garbine BALERDI, Spain
1989 - Luzern, SWITZERLAND
Mika VAYRYNEN, Finland
1990 - Trossingen, GERMANY
Angel Luis CASTANO, Spain

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