'Impasse' by Franck Angelis
Meet Franck Angelis...
composer of the 2004
Test Piece - 'Impasse'

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Meet the Coupe Mondiale Test Piece Composer - Franck Angelis

French composer Franck Angelis is recognized as one of the outstanding accordion composers of modern accordion literature today.

His compositions are heard in the repertoire of many contestants at all the National French competitions such as those of the UNAF (Union Nationale des Accordéonistes Français), APH (Association des Professeurs Hohner) and the ACF (Accordéon Club de France) as well as in the programs of contestants competing in the International competitions such as Klingenthal in Germany, Castelfidardo, Italy, the Trophee Mondiale and the Confederation Internationale des Accordeonistes (CIA) Coupe Mondiale.

To pay tribute to this young French composer, the CIA selected one of his newest compositions "Impasse" as the Test Piece for the 2004 Coupe Mondiale being held in Pontarlier, France.

Franck's reputation as a composer of modern accordion literature was launched when one of his compositions 'Boite a Rhthme' was performed by Domi Emorine when she competed and won the Klingenthal International Competition in Germany. Composed specifically for Domi, 'Boite a Rhthme' is a very modern and technical work with underlying jazz rhythms throughout.

With Russian compositions dominating the accordion scene for many years, Franck is happy to see compositions from the French school gaining importance on the international competition and concert scene. Franck has considerable respect for the Russian school, including compositions by his favorite composers Zolotariew and Gubaidulina, who along with the other well known composers have helped elevate the level of accordion literature and now he is trying to do his part to make a positive impact on the accordion world.

In his compositions, Franck has tried to establish his own modern style. He likes to use a new and original style, and through the recordings of all his works, hopes to capture the proof that there exists a respected repertoire of French accordion literature.

Franck himself was the winner of several competitions including the Grand Prix in 1979 and theTrophee Mondiale in 1981. In addition to performing and composing, Franck is also a recognized teacher at the Centre National et International de Musique et d'Accordeon (CNIMA).

Some works written by Franck Angelis:

  • Boite a Rythme
  • Interieru
  • Le Petit Chinois
  • Romance
  • Suite  I. BB(Brel-Bach) II. Solioque III. Asia-Flashes
  • Nocturne
  • Ragaluc
  • Toccata
  • Amalgame
  • Valse du Clown
  • D'apres Laurette
  • La Boubounette
  • Paris-Moscou 60
Franck's latest work 'Impasse' is the Test Piece for the 2004 Coupe Mondiale to be held in Pontarlier, France from October 19-24, 2004. Written in four movements, this piece will certainly become an important addition to the concert repertoire of many accordionists around the world. The work 'Impasse' is written in four movements:

I - Allegro Ritmico
II - Andante Doloroso
III - Adagio Sostenuto
IV - Vivace Finale

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