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Video: Junior Virtuoso Entertainment
07 September 2017

Video Archive Project sponsored by Scandalli
Candidates Program
Own Choice Program
  • There will be one (1) round. Each piece may be played only once during the CIA Competition.
  • Own choice program consisting of at least two (2) pieces of different styles and moods. Playing time: maximum 12 minutes.

Contestant No. 1 Gatte, Diego (Russia)
S. Vonau, Saving All My Love For You
G.Viseur, Soir De Dispute
S.Vonau, El Univers De Aster
E.Bouvelle, Surf Party

Contestant No. 2 Dubjel, Denis Marko, Slovakia
André Astier, Divertimento
Vladimir Ivanov, Paraphrase On "ducky-Duck From The Grassland"

Contestant No. 3 Mira, Luis (Portugal)
R. Ruggieri, Arr. A. Shirunov, Carnivale
J. Bexiga, Abelha Mestra
A. Noel, Notes Vagabondes
E. Bouvelle, Sur Un Air De Migliavacca

Contestant No. 4 Muravjov, Leonid (Sweden)
L. Ferrari, Domino
Joke Over Mozart's Rondo Alla Turka, Arr. Anonyme. Executive Editor For Accordion Walle Rik, Wolfgang Amadeus Play Accordion
N. Rizol, Czardas
Swedish Folktune, Arr. Walle Rik Visa Och Gånglåt

Contestant No. 5 Fan, Huaien (China)
Richard Galliano, La Valse A Margaux
Renzo Ruggieri, Carnevale
Andre Astier, La Tempete

Contestant No. 6 Dominici, Edoardo (Italy)
Richard Galliano, La Valse A Margaux
Renzo Ruggieri, Carnevale
Andre Astier, La Tempete

Contestant No. 7 Wang, Dantong (China)
Tan Jialiang, Another Side Of The River
Tan Jialiang, Rose Rose I Love You
Paganini, Infinite Dynamic
Renzo Ruggieri, Rome Tango

Contestant No. 8 Mikhailova, Aleksandra (Russia)
Eric Bouvelle, Medley De Valses
Andre Astier, Aquilon
Renzo Ruggieri, Roma Tango

Contestant No. 9 Marchegiani, Manuel (Italy)
Renzo Ruggieri, Grande Jo
Richard Galliano, New York Tango
Pestalozza, Arr. Di Modugno Ciribiribin

Contestant No. 10 Palma, João (Portugal)
Arr. P.Mussi - Forestier, El Choclo Tango
Victor Vlassov, Bossanova
Franck Angelis, Hommage A Paco
Nelson Conceição, O Amigo De Alcobaça

Contestant No. 11 Bodell, Alexander (UK)
A. Piazzola/ F. Angelis, Etude Chiquilin De Bachin
M. Larcange, La Grande Valse
Arr A. Castel, Ne Me Quitte Pas
Richard Galliano, Opale Concerto

Video Archive & Educational Project sponsored by Scandalli
The Scandalli Accordion Factory is the sponsor of the 2017 Video Archive and Education Project. 

This is a project initiated in 2010 by the Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes (CIA) with assistance from sponsors and Accordions Worldwide

The project includes:
(i) A video of all the Coupe Mondiale categories and their contestants to be kept in the CIA archives in Finland, which over the coming years will become a wealth of historical recordings, including the premiere of many original accordion works and the emergence of upcoming artists at the Coupe Mondiale.

(ii) Each year, video and pictures from many international accordion events are added to the CIA archives in Finland.

(iii) Free downloads of the performances by competitors in each Coupe Mondiale category. These will be placed online as free downloads for the educational benefit of accordion teachers and students. The purpose is to enable the free spread of knowledge and information and thereby raise the levels of accordion performance and musicianship internationally.

We thank the Scandalli Accordion Factory for their sponsorship to enable this ambitious free project to assist accordion students and tutors throughout the world.

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